Feeding barf, but want to put some weight on her/how?

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Joan I.

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Hi everyone;

We adopted 3 year old Kaylee 2 weeks. 3 Days ago she was spayed. We are continuing her on the raw food diet that she was on in her previous home at the breeder's.

She is quite thin, not really bad, but I would like to see her put on a few pounds. How do you do it on the barf diet? With my last boxers, which were on kibble, when they started looking skinny I would just increase their kibble, and give them things like peanut butter on toast, (was that bad?)

Kaylee is already on 2 lbs/day of raw food, plus a can of sardines twice a week. I also give her supplements of flax seed oil, salmon oil, vit. B, and vit. E.

What kind of higher fat things can I give her that is still within the guidelines of the barf diet?

Another question: I haven't given her a raw bone yet. What kind should I buy and do they make a mess on the carpet with it? Is is safe around young children, (bacteria...)

Thanks for helping me out. I'm new to this raw diet thing. Poor Buster and Baylee, kibble all their lives and I never really knew about this option.

I want to do it right with Kaylee!



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Hi Joni, Layla, and sometimes Amy, need to beef up a little if they have been more active than normal. Layla is just one of those girls who is always very trim (lucky her :) ).

Anyway, I guess it's similar to kibble feeding. If I think someone here needs to gain a bit, I just increase the food. Sometimes an extra chicken wing, or a couple of necks for a few meals does the trick.

Layla gains weight faster if I feed her more, but spread over a day rather than just adding extra to her meals. I'll give her a snack of raw meat for instance. I have found Sardines, Cottage Cheese, Raw Meat (muscle meat), Eggs etc are great for weight gain.

As far as the meaty bones go (I guess you were asking about the recreational variety?), I tend to use Lamb Shanks or Beef Marrow bones because they are readily available here. I'm sure they would make a big mess of carpet, but we have a nice climate so I am able to give my kids the RMB's outside. I have read here that some people give the RMB's in crates, on towels or sheets etc - all good ideas :) As far as bacteria, just use the normal common sense rules as you would for human food preparation and handling and you can't go far wrong.

Give Kaylee some hugs from me, hope she is feeling good after her spay :)



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Hi Joni,

For putting on some weight, try to find the cheap ground beef (the one that has a lot of fat on it) and mix it in with her food, I've found it works wonders. Otherwise the only other option is just increase her food. How much does Kaylee weigh? My Laika weighs about 45-48lbs and she gets 2lbs of food a day. Her activity level is normal.

As for the raw meaty bones, you can feed chicken necks, chicken backs, chicken quarters, turkey necks, ox tails (can be very expensive), pork necks, goat meat, whole rabbit, you name it...
For the mess, I taught Laika to eat IN her bowl... it wasn't too difficult... when we first started whenever she'd take the bone out of the bowl I'd say AH AH! and put it back in... I think it took her no more than 3-4 days to stay in her bowl without me having to watch. Just make sure those first days you watch her carefully and feed her on an easy to clean surface like tile, linoleum, etc
For cleaning, I always have Clorox disinfecting wipes at hand. I swear by them, they are wonderful.
Another option is to feed in the crate and clean the crate tray when she's done (which for me was too much of a pain :) )

Hope this helps!


Joan I.

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Thanks very much for the input. I am going to try the hamburger with the higher fat, adding a bit to each meal. I'll shop for the bones, and baracade her into the kitchen to start.

This is all new to me, because we are vegetarians, can you believe?! All this meat stuff, and raw to boot! I'm willing to try anything to give my dog optimum health.

Thanks for the great ideas: I think I can do this now!



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You can also try to feed more fatty meats - for example, if you want to put weight on her, feed more lamb and duck, but stay away from rabbit. Lamb and duck are high in fat content, and both pork my boy right up. Rabbit, on the other hand, is very lean and I use it if i've "fed too much lamb" :).

I'm almost vegetarian - I eat meat, but very, very rarely - not for any particular reasons, just don't enjoy it that much. However, it gives me an immense pleasure to watch Geoffy finish off his raw meaty bones - the spark in his eye makes me smile every time.

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