Fate...Sophie's story

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July 23/05 would be the beginning of the rest of Sophie's life...no more foster homes for her :)

It was fate that day as my fiance and I arrived to his baseball tournament. One of the other guys on his team and his girlfriend arrived shortly after us and had with them this little brindle pup...named Sophie which neither of us could take our eys off of. She was soo full of energy and was beautiful. This couple take in rescued pups/dogs and nurture them until they can find a good loving home. We asked them how old she was (8 weeks) and told them that she was sooo cute...and they replied "yeah...know anyone who might want her?"
Well that was all my fiance and I had to hear....and now she is 5.5months old and we love her to bits.

Sophie was 1 of 12 pups in a litter, found with the mom locked in a room. The owner I found out was trying to drown them...and the mother dog was just exhausted from trying to feed the 12 pups; that she was almost gone herself. Well they were rescued and fostered out...and Sophie ended up finally with us... just at the right time, as we were beginning our search for a puppy. Sophie happens to be 3/4 boxer and 1/4 Rotweiler....but her attitude an behaviours are all boxer....just her head/snout isn't the standard looking boxer.
She's settled in and adjusted well to her new home and is learning very quickly....and just loves the dog park and meeting people.
That is so wonderful! You will be her heroes forever! I can't wait to see pics of the girl! Sam and I welcome you to BW!


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You are Sophie's angel! What a story she has behind her! angelicon

She is a very pretty girl and looks like she is really happy to be part of your family! Congratulations on your new baby!

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