Falling completely in love with our boxer boy!

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Hello...we have just gotten our boxer boy a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you, I have always been completely in love with boxers....and my husband brought him home to me a couple of weeks ago as a surprise. This guy is 6 months old, and is the most wonderful little fella in the whole world! I know that there are many, many other wonderful boxers out there too, I'm just being a mommy :) Anyway, he is a white boxer....with a patch over his right eye, and a patch upon his left ear...wish I could attach a picture in this post, but just don't know how. It won't let me attach one...anyway.....he is so full of love this one.....that face is enough to completely melt my heart! He just got fixed today....no more little fuzzies down there, but he is doing very well. We brought him home last night...blankets all washed and warm..fireplace going for him..and we all layed down by him and just loved him and gently talked to him. He is so very loved, and is doing so good today...he woke up with my daughter who is 13, laying by him in his crate with her sleeping bag to keep a watchful eye over him during the night after his surgery....with much brighter eyes and an appetite too! He ate his breakfast and water...played with us for a little while..and then we tried to get him to calm down and take a little nap afterwards...being that he just had the surgery the day before...and he just layed down by me, with the deep breaths that they take when they are ready to rest....and slept on me with a tummy full....and a heart full of our love.
I'm so sorry this is soooo long..but I am so thankful to finally have a boxer that I can hardly stand it! I love him...and hope to have a life time full of love and happiness with our new family member, God he's just soooooooooo cute!!!!!!! Good kissin!!!!!
Sincerely, TeriLynne

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Awww, he sounds soooo adorable. There is nothing like boxer love, hugs and kisses!! Keep us posted on your boy!

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where did you get him? You said he was 6 months old , is he a rescue? Its so sad to see our babies down after surgery, but they sure do seem to rebound quick.

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Your boxer sounds like a real sweetheart. Welcome to the world of boxers. You can get your picture added to the picture gallery. Click on Picture Gallery at the top and it tells you there how to send it. There are also members of the board that have web pages and will add your picture if you send it too them.

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