Exploding tennis ball (this is NOT a joke)!

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Amy Lyn

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I'm so sad reading that. I can't think of how many times we find old tennis balls and think nothing of giving them a good throw or kick for the benefit of our dog.

I'll think twice now before I pick one up when I don't know it's my own.

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Amy Lyn
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Thanks for posting this. How truly horrific. I don't know how someone could live with themselves knowing they killed a dog like that. That's the most dispicable thing I've ever heard of. I'm so sad over that.

I sure won't be picking up any stray tennis balls for Maggie, that's for sure.

I feel so badly for the owner and the poor man who was walking Ivy.

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This is awful... here is site to see article, go down page to article...Tennis ball bomb no leads... www.oregonian.com what scares me is all the dog haters out there who will see this and get an idea, I really hope they pursue this as if it was a child that was killed... it could of been!
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