Excited About Westminster Dog Show!

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I was wondering if anyone out there gets as excited about the Westminster Dog Show as I do. I love dogs, have all my life, and watching Westminster is paradise to me! I like it because of the commentators, especially Joe Garagiola. He asks commonfolk questions, and the expert, who I can't remember his name, has been working with Joe for the past few years. It comes on the USA network on Monday and Tuesday, February 12 and 13. I always root for the boxers, even before I got Cassie, but I enjoy seeing all the different dogs. I worked my schedule around the dog shows this year so I won't miss a bit! Hopefully one day, I'll be able to attend it in person. Until then, I'll watch it on TV. Next month Fort Worth hosts a four day weekend of dog shows, and that's where I talk to boxer breeders, along with other dog breeders to get information about their breeds.

Little Vera

I like to watch it too, and it is interesting to see all the breeds of dogs. I ALWAYS root for the Boxers, is there any breed better? I think not! But as long as the Poodle doesn't win I am usually okay, otherwise.....wackicon


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Thank you so much for those dates, I always forget until it is too late. I love watching the Boxers and all the large breeds of dogs. A change of subject, I just saw the previews of Emergency Vets for tonight and there is going to be a Boxer on it, I don't know if I can stand to watch, he looked in bad shape. Thanks again.

Jill Rolser

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I love watching the show too! I just love seeing all the beautiful dogs and the trouble people go through to get them there! I only live 40 minutes from NYC but since it's during the week, I can never go. I can't really take off from work to go to the dog show, they'd really think I was nuts!!!! I agree on the whole poodle thing too. It seems like a working breed never wins! Sigh!I was rooting for the Dobie last year in te finals, but they picked the Spaniel. I guess it's hard to hide any slight imperfection if you have such short fur huh!

Jill R & Bailie


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Jill ~

Why must you tell them you're taking off for a dog show. It is none of their business why you take off. Call in sick, or take a personal day and treat yourself.

I'm so excited. I got my ticket to the real deal at the Garden, so who knows, you may see me on television. I'll be the one cooing and drooling over the boxers!! :)

Jill Rolser

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I dunno, I guess I just don't like to lie!

Well it is darn true that it's none of their business, next year then I will have to do it!

Have fun a drool for me too!
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