ever foamed from the nose?

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I took Cinnamon for a nice walk today. Got her sweater on cuz it was a bit chilly..but it was nice. And off we went. We walked around the neighbourhood for about 10 minutes and then headed up to a big field (well used to be a nice fieldy forest place...now no forest just lots of houses.. a baseball diamond 2 parks and a basketball/tennis court) but theres still quite a bit of grassy space. Anyway on the way up the hill she spotted a cat and chased it back down the hill. So back up we went and theres usually a hockey rink up there but they take down the hockey box during the warm months becasue theres also a pool up there. Well the box was back up so i decided to put CInnamon in there and let her run off the leash. So I picked her up and put her in and i had to jump over it because the door was bolted shut. Anyway i found a stick in ther so we played with it for about a half hour.. fetch and chase etc. Then we walked aboput another 10 minutes and i noticed her nostrils were white and then upon closer inspection i saw they were foamy. Just wonderin if anyone has ever had this before..and is it because i ran her so much?


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She may have just gotten too hot. Cortes will sometimes foam a little around his nose and mouth when he won't quit running and playing.


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Isabelle has a 'collapsed nostril' and when she gets a bit excited when we are out for a walk, she will have a foamy right nostril, I think that it is because she doesn't breathe properly on that side of her nose. I just have a kleenex handy to wipe it & clear the nostril, it doesn't seem to bother her at all.


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When Roxy gets over excited...her nose always foams to....I have seen this with other boxers, so I thought it would be one of there traits !!!

Maybe not....



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It's pretty common when they get excited. It's nothing to worry about.


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Sometimes when Mugsy gets over excited on our walks, he will foam on the sides of his nose too. I don't think it's a problem. I think he's just over excited and maybe a little over heated too.


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Every time we go to the park Tyson foams at the nose!! :LOL: it is so funny! Ali foams sometimes but she never plays quite as hard or quite as long as he does!


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When Coco gets excited/worked up her nose will foam. We just have to wipe with a tissue or she'll wipe it on you..lol You know, the good ole boxer face wipe!


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We had one experience with a dog park and Cisco ran till his nose was foaming. That is the only time though.
I always thought. . .

. . .it was one of the cutest traits ever for the breed. I always :LOL: when people asked me why Tomi had foam around his nostrils:LOL:. I laugh just thinking about how often it happened and how many people always asked me. i am perty sure it is a boxer trait and honestly, one of the cutest, I think:)
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