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Debo got the best of us last night!!! Our front door has a security door and we had the front door open and the security door closed but unlocked. Debo was sitting looking out as usual, and the family was playing Uno (fun family game) right there. All we could see of Debo was his tushie and I don't know how much time had passed, (not long), but we looked up -
NO DEBO! Oh My God, I was soooo scared we flew outside and here comes Debo as happy as can be running with his floppy ears towards us, as if to say , "
hey I took myself for a walk, I'm grown up now!!!!"

We came to the conclusion that he must've jumped up and pawed the (I think they are called French handles) door handle open and was FREE! We will have have to now keep the security door locked from now on (but I guess that's what it's for anyway!)

Whew! Thank God for good endings!

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Thank goodness Debo returned safely. That is such a horrible ordeal to go through, Mine decided they were going to take a late evening stroll a couple of months ago. I still get that sinking feeling in my tummy when I think back about that night.

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Glad it was a quick walk, I know you musta been scared. He is very clever!
You have his tags on just in case he tries to explore again...


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Thank goodness for a happy ending to what could have been a very unhappy story! If our two, especially Ttakas, ever get out and we didn't know they were out, we would never find them again. They don't wear their collars, with tags, in the house and no one would know who they belong to. Moral of the story - keep their collars on at all times, something I have to remember now that the weather is better and doors are open. Thanks for the reminder!

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Those boxer paws are very agile. We have numerous doors with the French handles and she has learned to open them up. Even if she is outside, she can open the handle and pull the door toward her and get inside. Inside we have had to put up a baby gate in front of the French door because Coco likes to chase the cat who we keep in the front of the house. They are awfully clever when they want to be and they can act awfully dumb when they don't want to do something!

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WOW.. they certainly are smart aren't they! I can just see that face that said Hi MOM!... so who is the UNO champ?

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