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Ernie is our 13yr old Fawn Boxer, I really don't think he knows he's a dog, but this is Ernie's story. We know that Ernie's time is coming soon, his birthday is January and he'll be 14 yrs. My wife adopted Ernie from the Central Florida Boxer rescue, he was being fostered by her landlord and their son gave Ernie his name. I can't say that we are Ernie's masters, more like he's our best friend. He hasn't been to obiedance school or any formal training, more like he trained us. That's not to say he never gets in trouble, to mention a few like the time with the box of Oatmeal cream pies, or the meatloaf, and the Chocolate cake, but it was always so funny we had a harder time not laughing.

Ernie has always been a friendly boy, I can count the times he growled or barked at a person on one hand. Ernie came to my aid once when a man was in our yard cursing and threating another man. I stepped outside to see what the trouble was when, the aggresser threatened me. Ernie got out the door and stood between the man and I till the police arrived. The man turned out to be a wanted felon.

Ernie has always been like a family member and I regret not socializing him with other dogs more, but then Ernie wouldn't be Ernie. He seemed to be upset with us when we adopted NA, she is a bit clingy. Now he tolerates her, but would rather be with us then her. He was quit upset the time we went on vacation and boarded him. Took a few beef sticks before he foregave us.

Ernie is sleeping on his pillow in the corner right now, he tends to spend alot of time on that old pillow. A few months ago he fell in to a burn pit on the back of the property, we were afraid of loosing him then, and we got a lot of support from the members of Boxer World then. He has a hard time getting up, and has an occasionally accident in the house. I always get him to take a walk around the property with me, I'm hoping that'll make his legs feel better. I don't know what this place will be like without Ernie. I'm afraid he'll pass during the holidays, it will be like lossing a child or a best friend.

I'm just hoping that there really is a Rainbow Bridge for Ernie, so I can picture him running a happy again.

Ernie's family


thanks for sharing ernies story with us.:)
he sounds like such a great dog
I have to agree my boxers are my best friends. they go every where with me and although they have not needed to protect me. I know they would.


Thanks for telling Ernie's story. And yes there is a Rainbow Bridge and it will be my first stop when it's my time. My idea of Heaven is spending eternity with all the dogs that have shared my life.


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As I read you post all I could think about was my Max. This will be the first Holiday Season in 10 years without him. I miss him so. It sounds like he and Ernie are alot alike. I am sure there is a Bridge and Max is waiting pain free and no Cancer. When his time comes Ernie will be there with him. They will run free together until their family comes for them. Keep loving him and make his life wonderful.


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What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing :)

Ernie sounds like a very special Boxer


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Ernie sounds like a special dog & such a big part of your family, I pray you & Ernie will have a wonderful Holiday Season & a Happy Birthday.Thank you for sharing Ernie's story, I think he has had a wonderful life! Hanley

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Thank you for sharing Ernie's story with us. He sounds like a great friend and I hope that he will be here to share the holidays with your family. I believe there is a bridge where all of our furbabies will be waiting on us when it is our turn to go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and cherish every moment you have with him!


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First off I think it is wonderful that you opened your hearts and your home to save this baby. We can tell that Ernie has had a great life with you and your family. It is always sad when one of our loved ones leave us but at least you know that Ernie had the best life with you. Make the most out of the time you have left with Ernie he deserves it. Lost of hugs to your family!

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You were Ernie's angels and you will miss him terribly. When the time comes he will surely go on to be your angel. How lucky he was to have you in his life and I know you feel lucky to have had him for so long.


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Ernie has a beautiful story to reflect his beautiful soul.. There is a Rainbow Bridge and like it has already been said, when it is my time to cross I am hoping it will be my first stop. Enjoy the remaining time you have with Ernie and take comfort in your memories that will never leave..((((((((((hugs))))))))
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