Emma got chipped

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Well Emma got her last puppy shots, first rabies, and her microchip today!!! The chip was checked to make sure it worked both before implantation and after. I really feel good that I did it. I hope that it is never necessary to use it. But I do feel better now that I know she has it. It was $35 to implant and $15 that I send off to register. She even gets a little plastic tag for her collar to let anyone know that she has been microchipped. The vet really believes in microchipping. He told me that he has his labs chipped. He also told me a story about a lady that had her lab stolen out of her yard. She found her dog in someone else's yard and approached the homeowner. They denied that it was her dog and wouldn't return it. She called the police. The homeowner told them they had raised it from a puppy. She told them that her lab was microchipped and they could clear it up quite easily. The homeowner then admitted that he had "found" the dog two days before (he had actually stolen the lab from her yard). She got her lab back only because she had had it microchipped and had proof that it was hers! Long story, but so true. Sometimes there's no other way to prove they are your baby. I totally recommend this to anyone who has been considering it.

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Great story! Glad to hear everything went well.
We go for our chips on the 8th.


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Good to hear Emma is chipped!
Striker got his last week, and I just sent in the registration. Only problem is that we have just decided to move and I will have to pay to have the registration changed!!
No big deal though. I wish on the registration they would allow you to list more alternates.

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