Emergency: I fed t-bones-now I'm freaking out!

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Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
Hi all:

Some barf advice for a new barf diet person please!

I am new at this and thought all bones were okay as long as they are raw, and I gave Kaylee a raw t-bone. Then, while she was eating it, I suddenly felt nervous about it so I ran down and looked up "t-bones okay?" on the barf forum and read a thread that said they are a no-no and could pierce my sweetie's lungs or other organs.

Has anyone out there fed t-bones to your boxer? Please tell me they were okay! What should I look out for now for signs of trouble with her?

I am praying I haven't made a fatal error here. She managed to eat just half of the t-bone before I took it away from her.

Anyone who knows anything about this I would so appreciate a fast reply!



Boxer Insane
Is she acting ok? Eating, drinking etc???? I wouldn't really worry about her unless she starts acting different and not eating. I have to admit my girls have gotten into bones before-cooked and YES I did freak when I found out. I just kept an eye on them & they are fine. I'd just remember next time save the t-bone for yourself & give the pooch the femur. :) ;)


Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
Kaylee still seems ok

Well so far no change in her behavior. It ws about 2-3 hours ago she ate the t-bone.

I felt so bad taking it away from her, she was so enjoying it. Real test of a gentle dog to let me grab that meaty t-bone right out of her mouth!

I hope she digests it fine but I can tell you she won't get a t-bone again.

Are there any other kinds of bones dogs shouldn't have?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I did feel better when I read it.

I hope everything is fine with my girl!

Thanks again...



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How is Kaylee? As long as she chomped up the bones really well, they probably wouldn't cause a problem. I have fed similar bones before without any problems.

What you need to watch out for is bones that splinter into sharp pieces.

Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
I think Kaylee is going to be okay. It's now 24 hours later and she seems fine.

Thanks for your concern, and I appreciate your replies! I will not feed
t-bones from now on because it seems too risky.

I am still unsure about whether there are other bones which are no-no's. Any input?

Other than this thing with the t-bone I love the barf diet. She is so strong, shiny and healthy with no breath or teeth problems. I only wish I had of known about it when my two boxers before Kaylee were still alive. I feel bad I fed them kibble all their lives.

Thanks again!



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Make sure you never give her cooked bones because they can splinter. Glad she's okay. Just remember that any weight bearing bones are usually given just for recreational purposes. My dogs love the femur (cut up) with either cheese or peanut butter inside (once the marrow has been eaten) and will spend a long time licking and chewing. The bone is too hard for them to chew up.


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Wow, I'm glad I read this thread, Thor ate up part of a porterhouse bone last night, he seems fine and still eats well. Scary stuff here!

Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
Yes Kaylee survived too, thank goodness. Live and learn! I'll be more careful about her bones now. I'm still unsure whether they are any other bones which are no-no's. I know about the cooked thing.

Thanks everyone!

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