Eating Feces

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Has anyoneever heard pf dogs eating their own feces. This afternoon when I arrived from Lunch, her kennel smelt like poop, but when i checked, all I could find was little tid bits of feces. I think she ateit!


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My Maggie is a poop eater. Not only her own but other dogs' leavings as well (undigested food).

I solved the problem with the "leave it" command. I ask her to leave it, give her a tasty treat instead and she leaves the poop alone.

Good luck.


Sprinking food with MSG

Accent the meat tenderizer is the popular one. Sprinkle their meal with the MSG and it has some reaction in the stomach. THey will stop eating it usually though not 100%.

Also they have things you can buy at a pet store that is usually more expensive if the MSG doesn't work.

My lil pup Razz was a poop eater until the accent. HE stopped for 3 weeks and then I forgot to put it on there. one meal and sure enough he ate it. After about 2 months I started skiiping a meal each day form the sprinkle and ne stopped.
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