Easy walk harness does not sim to fit

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Boxer Pal
I had recently purchased a medium size easy walk harness for my dog, but it was too small. I then purchased a large one and altough I read the instructions and watched all videos, it doesn't seem to fit like it is supposed to. The shoulder and belly strap form a V instead of a vertical line, and the buckle of the belly strap sits exactly behind her elbow. If I do manage to get the shoulder and belly strap in a vertical line, this means that the chest strap hangs completely loose. If I tighten it to sit right, it pulls on the other too straps and forms a V. I am wondering if it is just unsuitable for a boxer dog.

Did any of you purchase this harness and have to give it back because no matter what you did it wouldn't fit right?


Boxer Insane
If flipping doesn't work, as I see most boxers wearing it upside down due to fit, then return it. There are a lot of issues with fit with this harness......good idea, bad design. Especially since they are being made in China now, they are even worse made.

There is a great harness made by Wags, Wiggles and Whiskers that is an awesomely designed and made harness that you can still hook to the front chest, and the back as well.
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