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My goku had his ears clipped over 3 months ago and one has a problem standing erect. It always bends near the top. I have posted them constantly and consistently since they were clipped, but usually one day after the posts are removed the one ear generally tips over. Is there still hope that it will stand? Is there anything I could use to help harden the cartilage further so they will stand?? Any info will be greatly appreciated.



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I have never cropped a dog's ears, so can't offer you any first hand experience. However, many many members here have spent many months (up to a year doesn't appear to be uncommon) taping their dog's ears before they will stand correctly. Sounds as though you just need to keep at it.

If you do a search of the forums, you'll come across hundreds of previous posts with various tips and others' experiences with taping cropped ears.


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ear cartillage differs from each dog. so you migh only be taping for 2 months or if the cartillage is weak then you might end up taping for a long period of time. i've been taping Nitro's ears for about 6 months now and still the tip of his right ear keeps on tipping in but the left ear is perfect


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How long have you been leaving the tape off? Most people I know tape for 4 or 5 days, give it 12-24 hours off, then retape for at least a couple of months before expecting them to stand. If you've been leaving them off for longer periods than that you won't have given them time to acquire strength before gravity took over.

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Keep taping; don't get discouraged. Holly's left ear just wants to lean over, too, while the right one is pretty straight. You have to be diligent. Good luck.
keep on, keep keepin on! :D

like everyone said, it just depends on the dog. Cassius was done w/ posting, but still required tape here and there up through 10mos. Our Nikki is 10mos now, and is at the same stage as her brother (no more racking, but tape here and there just to keep the tips straight) best of luck. don't give up!



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Keep taping, my brindle boy took 10 months.yes 10 count them. My white female took one taping and she was done. As everyone has said, just keep at it, I thought I'd loose my mind but it turned out fine.
Good luck


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Keep on taping!! My boy Diesel was taped until he was 1-1/2 yrs old and they still dont stand right. My Daisy was taped until she was 11 months and hers stand perfectly!!!

Like everyone has said, every dog is different so dont give up.

Good Luck!!!!


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ok just to avoid confussion is it 10 months old or 10 months after the surgery? Nitro is almost 9 months old and i've been taping for about 6 months. If it weren't for that right ear tipping in it would look perfect lol.
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