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We have decided to leave our 10 week old girl natural. Does anyone have advice on controling the fold of the ear?



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I thought natural ears just sort of hung where god put them. We didn't do anything with our girl when she came home.


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TigersMommy, that link you posted is so great.
Having been brought up with several boxers and now my own, all with natural ears, Ive honestly never given a thought to how they hang etc. However I do what my parents did every day and massage Monty's ears. When we get back from our morning walk I check his ears for grass seeds, usually clear any wax with a tissue then massage them for about 5 minutes. He absolutely adores it. I think he'd sit forever more having that done.
It's just a normal routine for me to keep them nice and clean. Glad to know I'm keeping them in shape too.


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Someone once told me...

First of I would like to say that it is a great thing that you are leaving the ears natural. Someone once told me at Pet Smart. This was a girl that owned a Boxer. When she saw Milly she said, Oh she has fly away ears like my Boxer. Of course, I asked her what in the world she was talking about. She said that if you do not massage them forward when they are teething. That they will sit back like Milly's does. Milly was a rescue and I sure I would have massaged her ears like I do now without knowing that I was helping them to have that cute fold over ear. Massaging your babies relieves them of stress just as it does us. If you take deep breaths as your are massaging them it helps you too. It will also get them used to going to the Vet and having someone touching all over them.
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Chris, as a breeder of natural ears here in New Zealand I have some findings of my own on ears. I have had fly away ears , usually during teething and also later on due possibly to hormones. I have taped, massaged , folded and squeezed all to no avail. My theory is if the dog has inherited good ear set they will come right after all the teething etc. If however the dog has inherited "rosette" ears which are a bulldog trait, the ears will never sit correctly , regrdless of what is done. This is of course just my own personal findings as tried on my own pups. I have not had poor ears for many years now as I started breeding from boxers with excellent ear set. By the way, I looked at your pup and her ears appear fine at this age. somedays pups ears look terrible and other days they are fine. I think its a wait and see game sometimes. good luck!


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Chris...Daly is GEORGEOUS! And her ears look great! My Joe has natural ears and has gone through several funny stages with his ears. I have no idea how his parents or grandparents ears looked since they are all cropped, so I can not judge how his ears may end up. He is now 6.5 mos old and sometimes they sit right and sometimes they don't. It just gives him more personality!
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