Eagerly awaiting to use my husband Christmas present.

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Okay I have to tell you this. I got my husband a digital camera for Christmas. It is okay to post this because he helped me pick it out (because I hadn't the slightest clue what to look for) and he doesn't read this site much unless I'm online and laughing.

At any rate, I hate to admit this and I won't admit it to him but I can't wait to have it Christmas day so I can take pictures of Megan and load them right on to the computer. I figure this way maybe updating her pictures on the website will be easier and less time consuming.

Just sitting here thinking of all the shots I can get of Megan playing in the snow and Megan doing whatever else it is that she does that brings a smile to my face.

I can't wait.

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I'm jealous!!!! I want one so badly!!!!!! Maybe with my tax refund...hmmmm....

Have fun with it!!!!!

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We bought one a couple of weeks ago. I took pics of the pups in the snow and it was great. I found myself just snapping pics left and right. Not really caring if it was the "perfect" shot, cuz I knew I wasn't wasting film! You will really love it!


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Now who are we getting this camera for again? LOL

I'm jealous, I would love to have a digital camera. Enjoy!

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I order one online for myself from my husband too. We were both home when it came and I really had to control myself not to open it and start using it. I told him he had to wrap it and put it under the tree...it's still under the bed. I can't wait to used it!

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I have a bad habit of buying things for my husband that are actually for me too! :D Can't wait to see the pictures!

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