Dropped leashes heads up!

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A friend posted this yesterday to their Fb page and by the time I looked at it the video had been pulled over a copyright issue. I went on YouTube to look for it and found at least 5 similar ones on there as well. That just boggles my mind.

My dogs have all been in elevators. I have also been very wary of them when I have my dogs. I stand in the doorway until my dogs are inside and sitting along the back wall with their leashes in my hand. The reason I do that is two fold. First, I want my dogs safe. Secondly, should someone come on the elevator with us they are not in someone's way and are where I can control and protect them.

I am so glad it ended well for this dog and his owner, and I am sure she will be more careful from now on, and I hope it makes others aware as well.


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My guys have never seen and elevator?? So it's something I never though of, I'm sure I would must likely do as you do but, I'm glad she posted it becasue as she said it's certainly a heads up for us! :)

leashes on dogs in car same deal. Dogs gets out of a car dragging a leash, door closes on leash...bad news! I don't have leashes on my guys in the car, never have but again the leash getting caught in the door...something I never though of???


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Thankfully I don't think my dogs will ever encounter an elevator in their lives. This video gave me chills. Thanks for posting, very worthwhile warning.


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I saw the elevator video. Absolutely terrifying.

I do however, leave leashes on my dogs in the vehicle. And we make sure everyone is clear before hitting the button.
First of all, ours only enter/exit from the back. They are not allowed to use the doors and they know it. They wont even try.

The reason that we leave leashes on are in case we are in an accident and our dogs get loose on the highway for some strange reason. A stranger might be more apt to grab a line than a collar on a strange and frightened dog. Basically, I think it would make them easier to catch. Logical solution. Crate. But we dont. I know we should. Those babies could become projectiles in an accident causing harm to themselves or us. But there is not enough room in the back of our SUVS for three large crates.

On the down side if the dog is loose on the road and runs to avoid getting hit by a car and that car tire runs over the leash it may stop the dog in front of another moving vehicle or the force of the stop may jerk the dog back under the car they just tried to avoid.

Im not sure there is a good or bad answer. Crating would be best.

My dogs have never seen an elevator. I know that we the start of this conversation. Honestly, I think it is disrespectful to have your dog dragging a lead in a public place. Even a good dog. Only you know how your dog will behave. Little dog or big dog some people are just afraid. And a passerby could also get tripped up on your dogs leash. Harming the person and again possibly jerking the dog by the neck startling the dog and possibly causing a reaction.

I don't claim to be perfect. We all have learning lessons. these are just my observations.

But most importantly the solution in a vehicle would be a crate.


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I don't disagree with any of your assement. But I guess I have a more netural approach. My guys are all "threshold "trained as it were. "On the lawn" keeps them in the front yard and they don't go out "doors" until I release them. Applies to the car, I can park and can open all five doors and they stay in the car until I "release them" works for me. :)
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