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Hey guys, I recently purchased a drinking water filter from www.aquasana.com i got to thinking , this would be okay for my dog right? maybe even beneficial?

if anyone does feed filtered/bottled water to their boxer, any recommendations on what to use specifically for boxers?


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I give Jade water from our filtered fridge dispenser and now she won't drink tap water. Our water is very very hard though so that could be why.


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water drinking

Juke he drinks normal tap water and we take him out for his run he drinks between 3 to 5 bottles of 1 litre water.


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We use the multipure water filter system. We started using it in 1987, and it was put to the test during the 1990 earthquakes in northern California.(Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale CA) The water was nasty for days afterwards, and the filter provided us and our neighbors clean drinking water for several days

Yes Dakota drinks filter water. He is a spoiled rotten brat.

BWY the water filter system is costly.
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