Dreaming& sleeping on pillows

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Does your boxer dream?? Bailey does:p He growls, barks,shakes.
It's so cute:D Also, do your boxers sleep on pillows??? When Bailey sleeps with mommy He sleeps on Daddt's pillow until he comes to bed. I need to get a pic of that!!!kingicon He thinks he's king of the castle. Male thinking huhkingicon .


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Yes! Mine both dream! They make these weird noises and they kick their feet! The other night Chase started howling in his sleep. It scared me at first but they I just laughed! Boxers are so silly!:D


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My girls make every noise imaginable in their sleep. Those little feet just running and running (chasing squirrels, no doubt in their little dreams). I love watching them sleep.

Both are pillow hogs. Maggie usually goes to bed before I do and when I get into the bedroom there she is, curled up on my pillow and refuses to move. I have to either shove her over or pick her up and put her elsewhere on the bed in order to get in bed. She's such a stinker. Susie does that too, except she gets less of a chance to do it because Maggie is always first in bed.

And of course, the minute I get up off the couch to go to the kitchen or bathroom, they both move to get in my spot on the couch. But (ha ha), I bought a rocking recliner chair and they don't like getting up on it because it moves when they try to jump on it. I guess Daddy has finally found his own spot!!


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Cassius dreams all the time and he kicks in his sleep too! He loves pillows too if there is no pillow to be found he uses the arm of the couch or my lap!!!



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Mine also dream, kick and moan. Leena uses her fleece bone sqeaky toy as a pillow, and Mason sleeps on his back. Mason looks like he's running upside down when he dreams. They crack me up!!!


Both of mine dream outloud, but Duke does this clucking thing. Kinda sounds like a chicken laughing. :LOL:

As far as the pillow thing go both of them love pillows! They are always trying to steal my pillows on my bed. lol


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Gidget will use anything to make a pillow. As I was folding clean laundry over the weekend she was on the sofa using my laundry as a pillow. I don't know how many times I had to put her off. Buuuut Mooooooom,it's so nice and comfy!!!:) :) I hav'nt noticed any noises yet except snoring! She does that veeeery well.

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CJ does the dream chase too. Once while he was sleeping in my lap and kicking his feet he even started barking! It was the first time I heard him bark! It was two or three little barks and he didn't even wake up! I thought it was sooooo funny! I've seen dogs kicking, snoring, growling and moaning while sleeping, but barking was a first! :D I haven't heard him do that again since, now he makes up for it with barking while he's awake. :rolleyes:

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Rayna dreams too.....she does the same thing....last night she woke me up shaking and barking....its cute because all i have to do is rub her back and she will stop....they are so cute ;)
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