Drake is baby obsessed!

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So I have been thinking of adding a new bundle of joy to our family. We have 2 boxers a 4 year old boxer Tyson and a 1 year old boxer Drake along with Mayson our 6 year old son and my husband and myself. I was quite worried about bringing a baby into our house with Drake as he is so hyper and just non stop on the go. Tyson wasn't a concern as he is laid back with anything.

So I was asked to keep my great nephew yesterday who is 2 weeks old and I kept Drake in his cage while the baby was laying on the blanket on the floor and when he was in the pack n play I would let him out. Any sound that baby made Drake would run over and just stare in the pack n play and wouldn't leave until I came to check on the baby. He did this all day! I just thought he might have been thinking hey can I have the big squeaky toy?

Fast forward to today I was able to watch another baby that is a month old and Drake would not let that baby out of his sight. He would sit at the pack n play and watch over her, if I had her he would sit with his nose right by her head to ensure I was doing ok I assume. I put her in the tub to bathe her and Drake was right by my side with his head on the tub watching me the entire time. I had her in her carseat before we left and she started crying Drake ran over and nudged her and just kept looking at her then looking back at me. When they came to get her they picked up the carseat and put a blanket over her and Drake pawed at the carseat until they put her back down. They put the seat down and he proceeded to lick the blanket until they pulled it back and he just sat there and stared and kissed her goodbye. He even sat at the door and watched them put her in the car. It was absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He is fabulous around babies!

Tyson on the other hand had no interest in the baby at all. He was more concerned about getting attention himself! What a happy day to know I could have another baby and not stress about the dogs. I just had to share!



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Thanks for sharing this. :) It is so awesome to hear that he did so well with the little ones. Hope you were able to get some pictures to remember this but with little ones, I still haven't figured out how to take the time to get cute pictures lol.


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that is a beautiful story! what a sweet boy he is! and know u know that he will be a dream around a baby!
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