Dr. thinks it might be cancer!

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Bosco and I went to the vet today to have his lump examined. The Dr. says that the test results are inconclusive and she is not completely sure that it is cancer. Should I take him to another vet to get re-examined? Or should I just have Bosco go into surgery to have his lump removed?

The lump is the size of a gulf ball and very hard. It connects to another lump, but not as round or hard feeling?

By the way, Bosco will be 2 years old in May.

Thanks for any input.


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My Rocky had a lump and the vet removed it and sent it off for biopsy...which was negotive. If they didn't suggest anything more I would go to another vet. Boxers have to many cancer problems to ignore. Better safe than sorry...healing vibes go out to Bosco...keep us updated!


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Sending lots of healing vibes for Bosco. I agree, better safe than sorry - better to do what you need to do to know exactly what those lumps are. A second opinion wouldn't hurt if your current vet isn't sure.


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I would definately get a 2nd opinion, it must be horrible to not know, I feel for you, let us know when you get some definate results, good luck.


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sending heartful wishes for positive results. i agree with everyone else...better to be safe than sorry.
my first boxer ,Brody, was diagnosed with a torn ACL ligament in his knee. I took him to another vet and it turned out to be a malignant tumor that was far too gone to treat. Hopefully your results will go in a better direction..but this is just one of the reasons to get a second opinion.
Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I know how much we love our boxers!

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Having dealt with cancer twice with Austin I also agree with a second opinion if you're not sure what to do. Good luck, I hope it's nothing.


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Just wanted to say I will think good thoughts for you and we are sending boxer wiggles your way. Good luck with your baby


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Best wishes go your way......please keep us posted and let us know what another vet says.....your baby seems very young for cancer....at least my vet tells me that cancer in a young boxer is rare?....so, I would definitely get a second opinion......if you can, you might also want to contact the breeder and find out if this could be something genetically related.....just a thought....again, paws crossed and prayers are with you.....
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