Down Side to Owning Boxers?

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Boxer Insane
Yeah, mine are toy terrorists also :D. We can have fun with a new toy for one day sometimes, and then it is in pieces. I do think that Lucy and Fred think I have a whole stash of toys just waiting to be destroyed. Most recently I bought a Jolly ball for Fred, and he had the handle chewed up within 5 minutes! Gotta love 'em though!


Super Boxer
I have had a woman stop me on the street while SHE was driving and my dog was peeing and say "that people like me and dogs like that should be shot"

I can't believe someone would say something so nasty! Usually people stop to fawn over my girl, but I think we have a lot of boxer-knowledgeable people in my area. Occasionally uninformed people mistake her for being a pitbull and act terrified of her, but I don't really mind. The idea that someone could possibly be afraid of my sweet girl is hilarious. :LOL:


Super Boxer
For me it's the snoring... sounds like a dozen chainsaws running non-stop at our place some nights. Oh and don't let me forget it takes me 5 minutes to get through the barrage of beaning and jumping and kisses at the front door!


Boxer Insane
Mine are also toy terrorists but that is not the part that gets to me.
My two believe that they weigh in at about 3 lbs a piece. They also both believe that my lap is big enough for the two of them to fit in at the same time. It gets rather heavy at times.
I also hate it when I get used as a napkin on my way out the door in the mornings. I swear it is worse than when I had an infant spitting up on me all the time.
But those eyes and those sweet kisses and the wiggles and the beans. Boxers are really wonderful pups, and I love my two dearly, wouldn't trade anything for them. I would be a napkin everyday for the rest of my life, if that meant I could have them.


Completely Boxer Crazy
I think my boxer is not a real boxer. None of the things mentioned apply to her! No snoring, no gas, toy destruction takes about two weeks, she doesn't slobber at all, oh yeah, and she is lazy. I walk faster than her on our walks! I feel like Im forcing her to go, but she is alone all day, so she has to exercise sometime.

What's irritating to me is that I can't leave her alone without her scratching at the door and whining. God forbid I have to go to the bathroom! And when I leave, I have to crate her.


Boxer Insane
The only downside I have isn't even with's with the other two dogs. Lily has more energy than the two of them combined and when they are done playing........Lily comes with the nose bumps and the leg chomps. Really ticks the other two off and they snap at her to stop. Then the whining comes cause she's bored, and that look of "Mommy, will you play with me?" Sigh........"that's what I got the other two for!" LOL


Boxer Insane
Slobber and gas!

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what was always splattered on the glass doors of the entertainment center, even blaming my son for it. Every night, DH gets the laser pointer out for Bayleigh to chase. When they are done, she is really slobbery and always shakes her head. I finally figured out that it's dried slobber on the glass!

And the nostril hair burning boxer gas!


Super Boxer
I agree with the boxer gas! It is awful, and although my husband and I have a good laugh over it - I'm not sure our guests are as entertained. Haha. But I just light candles and call them my little stink-pots...stinky or not I wouldn't trade them for the world :0)

Oh...and I've decided that boxer slobber is actually stronger than super glue. They press their little faces on the guest bedroom window while we're away and Windex will NOT get that stuff off that window or my poor poor car windows!!!!

Good thread - funny posts. ;) We all sure do love our babies.

Heather & the kids.
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