Dora - CGCB


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Dora passed her bronze yesterday in CGC assessment (she did foundation in July) appicon It was a bit touch and go with the recall - she went all "feral witch" on me dohicon but everything else went really well. Of courise on training nights she does the recall just perfectly foolicon. Proud of my girl :D

Silver is next and I think we will be training for a long time to get that!


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Congratulations! appicon

I didn't realize that there were different levels in CGC. Maybe it is just in New Zealand. Good luck working towards the silver. :)


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Hey Jan

There are four levels of CGC in NZ. Top one is Gold - not sure that Dora will ever get to this level, but we can but try :LOL: and I can be embarrassed in the process :D

I find CGC a lot of fun fun and there are all sorts of different dogs and people.