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What do your boxers do when you're angry at them, or scold on them, or they feel guilty? Tina's play deserves an Oscar, I can't help laughing and forgive her immediately. If I scold on her she would sit down very still, ears laid back, and wave her paw in the air as if saying - mommy, please don't, I will be a good girl, I will never do it again! And it's worth seeing her eyes at this moment - pure sorrow, repentance and inocence, lol, she really lacks a nymb above the head and wings on her back to make the picture complete :D :D

Or another trick to make me laugh and stop me being angry at her - coming to me and sticking the head between my knees as if letting her ass for lashing :LOL: Sometimes I try not to look at her otherwise I'll start smiling and giggling and all the punishment process will be finished. Then she would walk around me trying to catch my eyes and believe me, hers are sooooooo miserable, and this look from down up at me, like -- you see, I'm so small and weak, how can I be bad... :LOL: And when she sees me smiling - here we go again happy and playing and wagging the tail! :p

Do your boxer babies act like mine to stop you from scolding on them?

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I have a very hard time getting/staying mad at Scarlet when I get "that look". For instance, I will find her with a shoe and the minute she sees me coming she drops it and looks up at me. I always want to hug her and tell her how cute she is but I have finally learned to control myself. I take the shoe, say no and walk away. I try not to look at her eyes. Its the kiss of death.


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My Pénéloppe is doing exactly like your Tina! Once, I was very mad at her because she would stop bothering the cats and when I was trying to catch her, she was biting me (baby biting:)). I use a big no, with a very loud voice, and she stay sit for about five minutes without moving, with that very sad look in her eyes... I can't resist!


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Yes, the trick is NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THEIR EYES. It totally destroys the mood.;)

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Ohhh, those eyes! Those expressive eyes! They will get you everytime. :D Ginger does the sit thing with ears laid back and looking up at me with this oh so pitful expression. Tyson will hang his head and roll his eyes to look up at is so funny! It is so hard not to laugh or smile but sometimes I just can't help myself. :LOL:


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the eyes, then the big sigh

My boxer gives the same pitiful look, and to avoid looking at him, I will send him to his room (he thinks the computer room is his, so I even put his bed in there) He will get at the edge of the room. Lay down, and then you hear a four syllable sigh! :rolleyes: Then when I let him out (about 30 seconds later) he also puts his ears down and rubs his head against my hands so I will pet him. They know how to get out of the dog house! :LOL:


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I have ordered Emma a crown, she is the QUEEN of Poutyland. She rules over the nation (ok its a small nation, but a nation in her eyes none the less). If the Queen is reprimanded in any way, WE must ask for a pardon. The rest of her royal subordinates, Spencer and Nikki, do their part to follow the example of the Queen of Poutyland, but will never have the pouty power to overthrow her.


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Good doggy language

Well....all your Boxers have great canine body language....what they are trying to do is calm you down....they can not speak so they have to use signs. And it works! :D All ours do similar things and there is no way any ill feeling lasts more than a second after looking into those eyes :LOL:
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