Doggy Day Care?

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Hello fellow Boxer Friends!

Its been awhile since I've posted but I wanted to know if anyone had tried taking their friendly pets to doggy day care. I work roughly 9 hrs a day and then I recently started evening classes in the evenings so the only time Nylah and I get to play is before class and late at night. She gets all my attention on weekends. I leave her out in the house so she can move about until I get home on my lunch break...but being only a little older then 1--must I say

I know several places like Petsmart have places where people can drop off their dogs so they can play and socialize. I was wondering has anyone tried this? If so has anything come from this? Bruises? Health concerns--fleas? Etc.


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Nikita goes to a dog daycare and we / she are more than happy there. It was important to us that she go to someone who has experience with boxers (owner has 2). I don't know much about the petsmart daycare...but I'd be asking alot of questions. There was a program on TV the other night about petsmart opening up pets hotel. Good luck, keep us posted....:)

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Sally & Sam go to day camp and it is AWESOME!!!!! It gives them some socialization with all types of dogs, exercise and a restful evening with mommy! I highly recommend it!


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Ask lots of questions like:

How many dogs at once?
How are the dogs evaluated? (Ive run across a few that takes ALL DOGS no exceptions)
Whats the schedule? (play time nap time treat time etc)
What kind of experience the employees have?
and of course make sure they understand that boxers are boistrous and very energetic when it comes to playing (some boxer owners have been told there dog is agressive because there dog growled while playing-ridiculous)

For me the hardest thing was finding someone I felt I could trust.

Good Luck


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If you are unsure about a daycare, you could try finding someone in your neighborhood. My neighborhood has people who post their names and numbers in the monthly newsletter...they are petsitters!
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