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cin heier

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Does anyone have a recipe for home made dog biscuits or doggie treats? Buckaroo and I would sure appreciate your help. Thanks!


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Cin, there are some great recipes on the Boxerworld homepages under recipes. At least I think they are still there. Have not checked since we moved servers.


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Monster and Terror's favorite is Turkey Treats. Take 1lb of ground turkey, and egg, a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of breadcrumbs, a TBSP oil, and 1/2 tsp garlic powder and mix well. Flatten it out on a cookie sheet about 1/4" thick and bake at 350 for 45 mins. Cut into tiny squares. They aren't crumbly and so are great for training!


I just purchased a training book that has a few receipies,
dried hot dogs
mock tortelli
liver cookies
butter cookies liver/honey graham cracker
chicken chewy bars

Tell me which one you are interested in and I can email you the receipe


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Here is the link for the recipie page on Boxerworld:

There are lots of nice treats here as well:

Happy cooking

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I made some using liver.
in a blender, mix:
flour (enough to make it the consistency of cake batter)

Spread it out on a shallow pan or jellyroll pan and bake at about 350 degrees until no longer pink.
Cut into pieces. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.

The dogs LOVE it, but it really stinks up the kitchen!!!

cin heier

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Thank you so much for all your help. I never expected this much. This is really going to help. Wasn't sure where to start. You're wonderful! Slurps and Hugs, Cin and Buckaroo
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