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I was desperate for my puppy to make friend with my older dog,and after a week of the older dog (tess) ignoring cassie they are the best of friends,which is great except that Cassie has bonded with tess more than us.If I take tess out when we come back the pup is all over tess but doesn't bother with me.I try to spend time alone with her but all she wants is tess,what can I do ? any advice from all you with more than one dog,we've only had her for 3wks so maybe its just too soon ,I don't know .....HELP!!

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It is natural for your puppy to bond with your dog first but I think you are right to seek ways to help it bond with you as well. Maybe you could find something that the new pup REALLY likes (or maybe several of them) and only you can give them to the pup or do them with him/her. It's worth a shot. P.S. My older pups name is Tess too!


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why are you worried?!! That is GREAT!!! Your new pup is viewing her as a playmate, and what child doesn't want to play? She'll soon enough become a jealous little bugga'. Let her be for now....pretty soon they'll both be wrestling for your affection and attention.
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I have found this true with my 2 dogs. The are both excited to see mom and dad but get quite depressed without each other. At first Amaya wanted to be with Bru all the time. She has improved some but doesn't venture far away from brother Bru. She still likes to be loved and cuddled though :)

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