Dog park fiasco --your opinions please

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debbie knowles

Boxer Insane
Sounds a little funny to me???

Sounds to me like he was afraid that his dog would get hurt...Not that his dog would hurt someone else...Sounds to me like he was afraid of all those Boxers and was just trying to "talk big" to cover up HIS fears!! Big LOSER!!!:rolleyes:


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My first question is why would someone go to a dog park a park where dogs are unleashed if they can't take their dog off their leash.. well because that dog doesn't get along with other dogs. The stories I could tell you about dog parks. That guy definitely does NOT belong there. Someone had threatened to kick our bullmastiff once because she came to the defense of our boxer -- if my husband was there (he wasn't ) he would have killed the guy. I can't believe people would touch someone else's dog. Once when Pearl was barking and being a "usual" boxer someone came up to her bent down and SCREAMED in her ear QUIET. I told her she was lucky that dog didn't attack her, but Pearl woulnd't. Of course some other dog might have. People are NUTS....... I would have told the guy if you have to keep your dog leashed STAY HOME .. period.... end of story.... geez


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I can understand why your upset, and I would be upset as well.
However....I can kinda see where the guy is coming from. His dog probably does play too rough, and perhaps he was trying to socialize him slowly. When he was walking away, he could have been afraid that if his dog got a hold of one of the boxers, there could be some damage. Remember as well, that only boxer owners think our dogs are cute and innocent looking. To other people they are qute intimidating.

At my off leash area there are a few people who keep their dogs on leash. Mine usually go up to them, smell and carry on. Sometimes they linger too long, at which point I call my dogs off. If any fights break out in this situation, I hold myself 100% responsible. The other persons dog is under control...mines not.

Anyway, just a thought.

Lisa M

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If a dog has to be on a leash it shouldn't be in the off leash park, that is the whole point of having an off leash park.

Casper had a run in with a leashed pit at a park and I've decided he doesn't get to play with pits leashed or not anymore as a result of it. When the guy with the leashed pit came in one of the dogs Casper was playing with got called over to his owner, who promptly left with him and after I saw what happened with the pit I understand why and will definately do the same if the situation presents itself again.
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