Dog park fiasco --your opinions please

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Okay, something happened at our play day yesterday I wanted to get some opinions on. I'm a bit perturbed, but may be being unreasonable and one-sided.
My hubby just says, "why do you go there?"

We had a small boxer play day at our local dog park. This is a fully fenced off-leash dog park.

A man walked in with a female pit bull on a leash. He walked to the end of the park, came back, and sat at the picnic table where we were. He kept his dog on a leash.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this guy. When asked, he proudly proclaimed that she was a "full-blooded pit."

Someone asked why he wouldn't let her off leash. He said, "She tends to play kind of rough and other dogs don't appreciate it, especially boxers."

I said our boxers play rough too and I'm sure they could handle themselves, let her off. He wouldn't. He kept her close to him, while she whined (obviously wanting to play too). He kept saying, "until you learn to play nice, you'll have to stay on the leash."

A woman was there with her 10 week old boxer puppy. The pup walked up to the pit and this woman about had a heart attack. The guy says, "oh, she's totally fine, harmless. She plays with a pomeranian."

He walked out in the open part of the park with his dog on a leash. Four of the boxers followed, trying to get her to play. Of course, she's still on leash. There was some boxing, barking, and growling. Since the pit was outnumbered and still leashed, we started to run out to get the boxers away from her.
The pit bull owner started yelling, "back off!" and swinging. He caught Bailey and flung her away, landing with a thud on her side! :mad:

We all got control of our dogs, leashed them, and walked away from this guy.

I just sat there completely dumbfounded, not knowing exactly what to do or say (and knowing I'd regret keeping quiet).
The friend who was with us said, "did you see what he did to Bailey?!"

The guy left and we could hear him talking to someone outside the park. I'm sure from his point of view he was just minding his own business, with his dog on a leash, and 4 boxers "attacked" his dog. :rolleyes:

I know there are members here who go to off-leash dog parks. What do you think?

I think this guy was out of line to come to an off-leash dog park and keep his dog leashed.
In this case I think the dog probably would have been fine. The owner was the one we could have done without!!!!

Sorry to have rambled so much. :o


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IMO that guy is an ass for bringing his dog to the park in the first place. If the dog plays too rough to be let off leash then it shouldn't be at the dog park.

Unless your dogs were actually attacking his dog I don't think he had the right to push them away let alone throw them to the ground.

Also, that guy needs to know (I learned this from personal experience) the other dogs will "go after" a dog that is restrained (not necessarily to fight). Usually just out of curiosity because that dog is "different" (it's on a leash). So if he's keeping his dog on a leash the other dogs will be more likely to follow it arround and "gang up" on it.
my honest opinion is this:

keep away from people who act this way. OBVIOUSLY this guy had a few screws lose. I think I would've walked towards the other side of the park and not interacted with him. If he's not letting the dog off leash, there must be a reason. I mean, HELLOOOOO, it's an OFF leash park, Mr. rude kick poor Bailey A****le!!! :mad:

Why is it that people with no socialization skills or aggressive dogs, always seem to ruin a good time. I know Pharaoh's not going to do good in a setting where he's leashed and around large dogs. He'd act the same way this pit did. That's just how he is, and I accept that, but I'm not going to bring him to some dog park where other dogs are having a good time and running around playing and then disrupt all of that.

Some people need to take socialization lessons as much as their dogs do. Mine had a bad experience as a pup (a UN-socialized German Shepherd) came running up to him and attacked him for no reason. That's why he's the way he is. If people learned to keep their pets leashed until they were sure they got along with the other pet or until the owner granted the o.k, , we'd probably see a large decline in these types of fights/incidences.

I could go on and on, but I won't. HOpefully your Bailey won't start picking up any bad traits from this experience.



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Originally posted by Jennifer - Pharaoh's Mom
oh, and too bad you didn't have Remy with you...ha!!! i'm sure he'd a taught that man a lesson!!! :LOL:

:LOL: Thanks Jen! Big bad Remy would have saved the day! :LOL: :LOL:


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I think I was more disturbed by the situation than Bailey. It didn't seem to phase her one bit.

I'm glad Remy wasn't there. My poor old man probably would have gotten hurt, then I would have been FURIOUS!

You know, the dog was fine, although a bit stressed by being leashed with the other dogs playing all around her.
It was the owner who needed some social skills!

Trying to be fair, maybe he was trying to "safely" socialize his dog. I don't know. It was just a weird thing.

I agree with Donna 100%. By keeping his dog leashed, it was just creating tension and animosity between the dogs.


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Where I take Monty to be off the lead is a huge field surrounded by high hedges leading down to woods at least a couple of miles long. Lots and lots of dog owners come here to walk their dogs. It's not a designated off lead area but because it safe people let their dogs off. Monty loves to say hello to any dog he meets but some dog owners keep their dog on the lead for what ever reason, they sometimes tend to get upset if Monty goes near them. The dogs may be aggressive and if so Monty comes away. However I have no defense if they don't want my dog near theirs.

In your case however, this is an off the leash area for dogs and as such someone sitting down with a dog on the lead is going to at some time attract attention from dogs off the lead. I would certainly wonder why this man is doing this. If his dog is aggressive can he not sit with it in another part of the park. It's not doing it any favours by being kept on the lead while all arround it other dogs are playing. Appart from anything the poor dog must be so frustrated.

It makes me wonder sometimes who should be kept on a lead. I have seen dogs better behaved than humans. I just started taking our babies to a park finally found a park we could go to. I live in Miami and have to drive to Cooper City which is about 35 miles away. Well they are well worth it. I always scope the park before letting them loose by walking the perimeter with them. When I see all is ok I let them loose. But some people really do and say the darnest thing. We met one lady that was walking into the park as soon as she saw our boxers said I'm very picky who my dog socializes with. I was what???:confused: . We just ignored her and kept on having fun. Figured if she was going to be picky she'd better put her dog back on the lead and introduce her to all the dogs one by one. The dog did not seem to care who she was dealing with she was there to have fun and not what her owner wanted her to do.


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There always seems to be some sort of fiasco at our dog park. And I (guess I rank with your hubby) wonder why some people even go. On one occasion, I had a guy toss my Spencer over and I wanted to clock him. He had a very large Weim puppy who was too big for him to hold. Good for him for trying to socialize his pup, but every time he set him down, the puppy would start wailing, thus, a miliion dogs would run over. Instead of moving to antoher part of the park (there's only four acres, :rolleyes: not like there's no where to go), or socializing his puppy in a place less chaotic, he just chose to roughly push other dogs that weren't his around. I would chalk your situation up to the man thinking he is doing something good for his dog, when in all actuality, he is aggrevating the situation. I can understand your frustration, but I find most of the time, taking a deep breath and biting your lip is the best thing to do. It's hard not to get frsutrated with people sometimes, but I find it ruins my night when I don't laugh it off. :D


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Originally posted by karens
There always seems to be some sort of fiasco at our dog park. And I (guess I rank with your hubby) wonder why some people even go.

I wonder why some people (and dogs) come to our park too.

But, in defense, 90% of the time I go, it's pretty uneventful--no problems. It's just the problems you hear about.
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