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diarrhea and more diarrhea Re: Dog Food

Well after fasting for a day and eliminating all treats and chew toys, the diarrhea got worse yesterday almost to the point of projectile which I know is BAD. Needless to say this morning in my house coat, I was scooping up diarreah into a zip lock to go to the vet for testing.

We'll see what this is all about (hopefully). I am hoping it is nothing more than a reaction to her food (Natural Balance Venison & Rice) rather than something more serious. Thankfully her energy, coat and overall personality are great. She does seem to drink a lot of water which I assume is excellent to avoid dehydration.

I am also looking forward to sleeping thru the night....


Boxer Pal
I'm feeding Merrick's. My boxer is only 6 months old and I'm rotating dog foods so that she gets exposed to all/most of the different main protein sources as a little one. Merrick's has a wilderness blend that we just finished that was buffalo+venison for main protein sources and now we're on cowboy cookout which is beef. I've done chicken and lamb already so the others that I'd like to try are fish based and duck.

Merrick's has been good. It is a 4 or 5* dog food depending on the recipe. But it is expensive, it comes in near the bottom on my dog food cost comparison spreadsheet.
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