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What types of food does everyone feed their boxers??? We were feeding Brick Nutro Natural Max large breed puppy for the first 6 weeks or so but he was throwing up almost every day and had very dry skin and wasn't really gaining much weight, so after reading on a german shepherd forum (our other little baby is german shepherd, brock, 1 week younger than brick), that Canidae or Innova were really good large breed dog foods, we made the switch to Canidae. We can only get it at one store in our town, but so far, is working out well. Brick has gone from eating maybe 1 1/2 cups a day of food to averaging about 4 cups a day and has gained at least 15 pounds or so in the last 6 weeks.

Just wondering what kind of luck everybody else has with what kinds of food!


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Canidae is a very good all stages food. Its fairly easy to find and won't break the bank. Canidae is also starting a new advertizing campaign. It's great to see a high quality kibble being more widely advertized.


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I have had good luck wth Timberwolf Bison-beautiful coats, good stool, and they really seem to love it. My boy has always had skin problems but does really well on this :)


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I feed Canidae and can't even get it around here but I order it online and have it shipped to my door. You don't need to be feeding a large breed dog food to boxers, they are a medium breed. I don't think large breed food is especially good for any puppy as it can cause joint problems.

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To add my two cen't worth, I would recommend Timberwolf Organics, Solid Gold and Innova as the best 3 foods I have had the most success with (each maker has a number of excellent varieties). I'm partial to T.O., and if you read their website you will know why. Incredible attention to helathy natural ingredients, no fillers and lots of common sense. Plus, Max has done extremely well on all three types of foods although his favourite seems to be T.O. these days.


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We recently switched our boys to a different food, but they were on California Natural lamb & rice and they loved it. Their coats wre great and they look fit and healthy. We just switched to Pinnacle Trout & sweet potatoe to give them a different protein, so far so good. Mugsy especially loves it because its fish!


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I run thru a 15 lb bag of each of Blue Buffalo's options (chicken,fish, and lamb), then I will throw a curve like Timberwolf or Natures Logic to add some variety. I like Blue Buff because I can get it at the local Petsmart and Creek does really well on it. Also, its the only good food I can buy around here, otherwise I have to use the internet.



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I have fully switched my guy off puppy chow and he is on Canidae All Life Stages now and he loves it. He is growing like a bad weed lol


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I am really surprised to read that you can "rotate" the food. I thought this would cause diarreah - isn't this why we have to do a "transition" when changing foods? I ask because we have had trouble with our boxer and diarreah. We thought it might be her food (Natural Balance brown rice & vennision) but I am not so sure now. We fasted her for a day and took every chew toy away and she had no treats. Poop is much better today. I think the culprit may be the raw hide even tho it's all natural.
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