Does your boxer sleep soundly!!!

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Last week my sister came to stay........ when she comes to stay , my husband sleeps in the spare room and my sister sleeps with me so we can have girly chats . Unfortunately she is not a doggy person, but she does love Ginty in her own way, Well my Ginty will win any one over lovicon The one thing she does not like is Ginty sleeping by the side of the bed , because she SNORES Loudly. I usually go up to bed first, then Pat my sister follows later after applying hundreds of lotions and potions to her face , she often has to call Ginty down stairs to her own bed, but last night Ginty had played long and hard in the garden chasing her orange squeaky ball ( Another new one) !!!and had a large portion of Macks Meatloaf, and was feeling very content with life :D :D Ginty followed me up the stairs, I always feel Ginty thinks this is the bestest part of her day...... she loves following me up the stairs to bed.:D :D :D :D I went to sleep , Ginty went to sleeeeeeeep , the next morning my sister said she had to shake poor old Ginty awake because she was snoring so LOUDLY, She must have been in a really deep sleep, my sister also said Ginty was running in her sleep all four legs were going backwards and forewards I guess she was still chasing that orange squeaky ball. :D :D :D :D

Have you had to shake your furbabys awake?????????


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I sure have had to wake Annabelle many times from her sleep. Sometimes it's because she's snoring or sometimes it is because she is lying on top of me. She thinks that I'm her pillow. Oh well, I've learned to live with it.
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Last night I had to leave for work before Joe came home so Cookie had to go into her crate for an hour or so :( Well when Joe went in to get her she was sound asleep on her back with her paws in the air! He opened the crate and she still din't wake up...Joe got worried thinking she had died :eek: He called her name several times and finally had to shake her hard to wake her up! When he told me when I got home it was all I could do not to laugh :LOL: to hard at his worry. He does love her no matter what he says! lovicon


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It can be so strange, Monty can be in a deep sleep but wake up at the sound of a pin drop. This is an outside noise.
I can come downstairs just like I did a few minutes ago and peer at him with his eyes rolled back. also laid on his back and snoring away. I gave his tummy a rub in passing and got no response.

Five minutes later when a car door slammed outside, my comatose boxer was wide awake and letting everyone else know of an intruder in the area.

I certainly would not change him.

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NO CLOTHS ON......ohhh was that a BIG mistake.......Rayna just happend to get under the covers and curl up next to me.......all of the sudden I wake up in hubby said I was yelling so loud and when he looked over Rayna was running in her sleep and scraching he HECK out of mesmashicon smashicon smashicon
that will teach me!!!!

Rayna is definitly a runner....and anytime my husband and I get up during the night...she sits "cant you guys hold it..i do" :LOL:
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Duke is pretty easy to wake up. Mason on the other hand sleeps like a rock. You can move him, rearange him, lay your head on him, lay your legs on him, pull him off the couch on to the floor, AND HE DOESNT WAKE UP!!! He doesnt snore very much but when he is out he is OUT!!sleepicon sleepicon sleepicon


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Cassius runs, kicks, punches, snores, twitches, barks, howls, moans, pushes me over and tries to push me off the bed! It fun sharing your bed with a 90 lb spoiled furbaby!!!!



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Jasper sleeps very soundly. It takes a gentle shake and a shove to wake him up sufficiently in the morning. He wants to sleep in, but I have to get him outside to pee before taking the kids to school. After he pees, I am happy for him to sleep the rest of the morning away! :)



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Markus is a very light sleeper. I could swear that he is fast asleep, but if I as much a move, the eyes pop open and he is watching me. :)
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