Does your boxer love all dogs?

Does your dog like other dogs?

  • Likes all dogs

    Votes: 62 55.4%
  • Likes some dogs

    Votes: 37 33.0%
  • Doesn't like other dogs

    Votes: 10 8.9%
  • Only likes males

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Only likes females

    Votes: 3 2.7%

  • Total voters
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Annabelle absolutely loves every animal. She thinks that they are all her friends and thinks that they all love her back. Just wondering about everyone else's dogs.kingicon


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Bismarck usually does not like other dogs - it's even worse with cats, birds and lizards :o



Boxer Insane
Lexi doesn't care much for other dogs when she is on lead but does okay with them off lead. She is still pretty snippy when it comes to her "own" things being invaded by another. Baxter, he loves everyone!


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Only dogs his own size!

Titus is very dominant and will pick on smaller dogs. He's fine with dogs his size, or bigger! What a bully!

Raynas mom

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I think its because we have been taking her to the doggie park since she had all her shots ....we go everynight.....she plays well with small dogs....her best pal is a pug.....and then she plays well with bigger dogs as well.....I hope it stays this way in the future....I know she wont always get along with every dog she comes across....but hopfully she will be able to handle herself well :)
Both Bru and Amaya love all other dogs. They have been well socialized since they were puppies and always looking for a new playmate. Sometimes they have a hard time understanding not all dogs are nice and they can be scary to little dogs. They always seem so heartbroken when another dog doesnt just love them.


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Cassius loves all dogs, cats, everybody and everthing!! The other night we were eating outside on the deck and he was playing with a caterpiller is was so funny he kept pushing it with his nose but he wouldn't hurt it!


Julie Davis

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Boomer has always loved being with other dogs...but the feeling is not always mutual! My Mom's Yorkie always try to bite him when he comes over (but my Mom's dog is a horrible little dog )...and my brother's Border Collie was hesitant at first, but she came around. Boomer won her over...who could resist a crazy boxer leaping about and sticking his butt in the air? My ex husband's dogs love to play with Boomer, and my sister's chocolate lab is his best buddy.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Gidget(all 20# of her) likes all dogs no matter what size. She really dislikes CATS! No matter what their size. We have a 25# cat that gives her a run for her money but she always goes back for more. (Cat is declawed)smashicon


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Caesar and Brandi hate other dogs I don`t know why because they play with the neighbors dogs through the fence and are fine, just don`t take them out face to face. I was in the process of adopting a boxer thinking I could get them use to other dogs by taking them out more around other and going to my mother`s where she has two older female mix breeds. Well they were fine with a gate between them but as soon as the gate came down I had all to do to hang on to mine.:eek: Duke and Dutch weren`t that friendly with other dogs, but at least at the vets office I didn`t have to worry about them going after others. Also they were fine with puppies(not small dogs) they had to be actual babies. That was why I got pups instead of a grown rescue when Dutch passed away, I new Duke would be fine with babies. I think I would be afraid these guys would try and eat a puppy.smashicon
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