"Does bathing your Boxer turn into a wrestling match ?"

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Lately when I give Sidney a bath she tries to hop out of the tub and after we tackle that, trying to dry her off turns into this big wrestling session ! She grabs the towel and plays tug or war, growls, and bites at our hands threw the towel.......Does anyone elses Boxer do this ? She will be 9 months old on the 11th and she is becoming quite the chore to bath.......lol.... I only weigh 95 lbs. and she about throws me on the floor.... Oh puppy love, ain't it great !

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Try peanutbutter on the side of the tub. That works wonders for me. I just stick a big ol' blob on the far edge of the tub and the puppies just sit there lickin' while I do the scrubbin'. edited by moderator
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Originally posted by April K:
Try peanutbutter on the side of the tub. That works wonders for me. I just stick a big ol' blob on the far edge of the tub and the puppies just sit there lickin' while I do the scrubbin'.

What an ingenious idea!! I'll have to try that with mine.

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my harley loves his bath and always has. he also loves to drink out of faucets or any type of running water. i have a hand held shower and i hook it where he can drink from it while i do the scrubbing. lately however he has wanted to get out of the tub before i can finish rinsing but doesn't jump out. i just have to get busy!
as for the wrestling match after the bath....well i sure do know what u mean! he goes crazy with the towels! i only weigh 30 more pounds than u do and harley is close to 70 pounds already. he knocks me to the floor also. love is indeed grand! but sometimes painful...LOL LOL

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I started both of our Boxers in the kitchen sink when they were puppies. I tried to make their first experience pleasant so they wouldn't fear it later. Then I graduated them to the tub, I would lay towels in the tub, I constantly talked calmly to them, and always kept my arm between their two front legs, they always thought I was holding them. The drying them off is the hard part. The towel tug of war I can relate too. I just had to get firm, tell them to stay, and a firm NO when they grabbed the towel. i also never poured water on their heads, I think that is what they hate most about bathtime. I always cleaned that area with a wet washcloth. Well, that is Bathtime 101 for the day. LOL

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I don't have your problem with the bathing, I just wanted to comment on it. Jasmine has always LOVED the bathtub.:D (and any other type of water) When she hears the bathwater running she comes running!!! (And sliding all over the linolium) I have to make sure I shut the bathroom door right when I run a bath for myself or she'll come running, leap-frog over my back and straight into the tub!!!! Sometimes I have to beg her to get OUT of the tub! When she does get out I hold the towel over her, tell her to shake then drape the towel over her back. She trots around the house with her "cape" showing it off to everyone. She's so much fun!! I'll get pictures posted soon!


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Bosco has not ever really minded taking a bath. He just stands that acting like he enjoys the warm water pouring over him and a hand held shower head makes it much easier. I got one about a month ago and it has really made it easier with him and especially with my cocker. Now trimming toenails is a different story! That can really cause a wrestling match.:p

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Wow, you guys are lucky! Even if I start the bath for one of the kids Austin freaks! When it's his turn hubby has to chase him all over the house and CARRY him into the tub! wackicon One of the kids usually gets in there to help. When he gets out he runs around like a total nutcase! Last summer we gave him a bath outside and he seemed to tolerate that much better!


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I don't have a problem either. Dempsey has always loved to be bathed and Marcey has learned from his example. I usually bathe Dempsey first and Marcey sits there watching and licking water off of Dempsey. Then it's her turn and she stands there and enjoys the experience.


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I have two boxers "Ernie" the elder gentleman and "NA" the young white princess. Ernie hates any water that doesn't come from his bowl, but NA will play in her sprinkler for hours. Let either one know its bath time and its off to the races. Ernie will usually give in after some coaxing and promises, but NA its a dog fight. She will run, hide, and fight. If I'm bathing them outside once I get the hose and shampoo they end up in the far corners of the property. If I bath them inside Na will actually try to grab hold of the door jambs. I haven't found any easy ways with her at all. she is deaf but very smart and stuborn.
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