Does anyone have a waterbed ?

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Sidney's Mama

We have a queen size waterbed and when Sidney gets the chance she sneaks up the steps and jumps up on it and stands there until the bed quits rocking and she begins to growl and hop all over it. She can hear the water move around inside the mattress and it makes her crazy. She will hop up and down and side to side spinning at the same time wackicon She is crazy. I am gonna have to get out the camcorder and record her.......I was wondering if anyone else has a dog that acts as crazy as mine does.... :) She is the greatest.


Boxer Booster
We used to have a waterbed and I have a couple funny memories of it, but it didn't involve our boxers. Our first boston terrier loved it. When she'd stand in the middle of it, and my husband would push down at the foot of the bed making huge waves through it (no wonder the baffles broke loose!) She'd ride the waves like a surfer! She loved it!

After she passed on and we got another BT, she would always (and still does) take a teddy bear to bed at night and suck its nose and knead its shoulders. Well, when we had the waterbed, we would lay there in the dark feeling these little waves through the bed for about 20 minutes while she kneaded the shoulders of her teddy bear! Couldn't help but lay there with a big grin on my face!lovicon


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Any problems?

Neli and I have a waterbed as well, and although Pete isn't allowed in yet, I was wondering if anyones had problems with their babies punching holes in the mattress? We are kinda scared to let him, until we got feedback from someone else (king size bed= lotsa water whooshing down basement ceiling).


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We DID have a waterbed. Key word, DID. Oscar would have his moments on it. He loved to spin around and fall over on it. When it was time for bed, he would circle at our feet and then plop down. He ended up popping it, by accident of course. He would sometimes get his chew toy stuck between the matress and the frame and would "dig" after it. That's how it broke. We weren't home when it happened. Oscar was left out that day, I came home, went to do laundry in the basement, heard this dripping. I thought it was caused from the ice melting outside. Couple hours later my husband came home, he looked at it. We tried to figure out where it was coming clue. The bed with all the covers on it looked normal until my husband pulled back all the sheets. Sure enough, that's where the water was coming from. I don't think you have anything to worry about while your boxer is sleeping with you. It's when he is left unsupervised, (we usually kept the bedroom door shut when we left but, for some reason I forgot to shut the door that day) and watch those toys!
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