Do people laugh at your babies name?(vent)

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I was out walking the boys today...and was stopped by a fellow dog lover. appicon...she has 2 bulldogs. She was with a friend, and her friend heard me call Hercules' name, well, she said "Hercules"...and laughed! I get this all the time! People will say "Hercules, Hercules" from the movie "The Nutty Professor" (this doesn't bother me)...but it seems like some people will just say his name and giggle or snicker! I am not a snob...but I don't find his name to be funny! Hercules is on the smaller end of the boxer scale, only about 62lbs...and kind of short....but I love him all the same! And his name fits him VERY well....because he is strong as an ox! I just don't understand, as no one laughs at Kuma's name! How would they feel if I laughed at their child's name? Thanks...just had to vent to people who would understand!


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Yes I have had that too with Lennox, "oh how original what a name for a boxer" blah blah.....same thing different day! lol I just have learned to ignore them and keep walking. It burns me too I just havent thought of a good comeback yet! lol Just wait until I do :eek:


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People make fun of Asia's name quite often - I have learned to ignore it. They will call her China, Italy, Japan ... all of those sortsa things! Oh well, SHE knows her name is Asia and I haven't heard any complaints from anyone who loves her, so I'm okay with it ;)

I think that Hercules, Kuma, and Lennox are all really sweet names :)


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For Riley's name, we've gotten "Oh, is she an Irish dog? Ha, ha..." People also assume that Riley is a boy name....when I say that she is a girl, they say "but isn't Riley a boy's name?" I just laugh it off, people will be people, and some will feel like making silly comments no matter what you name your dog. I personally love creative names!!


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I know how you feel. People laugh when they hear us call Peanut all the time. It might be because he is 70 lbs already and not yet a year old but geez he is my peanut and I don't laugh at their dogs named Sam.


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Yep, I even get that with Henry. Guess it's the sort of name where you either love it or hate it. For a dog, I like it (obviously, LOL, or I wouldn't have named him that) but it is clear to me that I'm in the minority ;)

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I say our babies name fits their personality:) They are all adorable.

No one ever asks about Madison's name but they do ask me why I named by boy Carson...... Carson, Madison, they just seem to go together. Besides, Carson was bow legged when he was a pup and he looked like a gun slinger so I thought of western names and Carson City just came up.


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Oh ya. It is funny to watch people's reactions when I say his name is Vegas. Some really like it and some, well, not so much. The say things like "Oh, uh, Vegas. That's a unique name." Or "really? you don't hear that very often."

The most common joke is "oh, is that so if he runs away you can call him Lost Vegas?" Funny the first couple times but by the 100th time, it is hard to fake laugh :)


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i get that with Tigger - i thought well he's a brindle boxer with the fawn stripes and boxers bounce at each other so i thought the name fitted and he is just so cute, never had anything much said about brandy everyone seems to like it, but i don't let what other people say worry me anymore i do what i like and thats that.

karen, brandy & tigger


I usually get a double take, and then asked how I came up with THAT name. It makes me laugh! (Boru is pronounced ba-roo). The rescue gave him that name, and I liked it. He was named after Brian Boru, a king of Ireland back in the days of yore. ;)
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