Do any of you help your pups eat??

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I do, and I was wondering am I completely alone on this one. What happens is, Chance will eat as much out of his bowl as he least I think:confused:

I than come behind him with a spoon and scrape the food into the center of the bowl becuase when he eats he pushes it into the creases all around the bottom of the bowl (hopefully you can all visualise). I make a nice little mountain in the center so he can grab it better with his mouth. Well, I have noticed that now he will eat and come look at me like.......................get that spoon and put it all back in the middle the way you do so I can eat easier...................So, I get up and I do it. please........don't think I am out of it, my 7 year old has actually hand fed him to encourage him to eat some times:)


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LOL I do that too...I feel bad that they can't seem to reach all their food. We have one of those elevated feeders so when they push the food to the side of the bowl it seems they can't reach it, so I move it back to the middle.
You mean that our two furbabies are supposed to eat their food all by themselves? If we don't sit with them how will we ever know that their kibbles may require a bit more broth or that we need to push their food back to the bottom of the dish? Of greater consequence is the requirement that they be in attendance for unloading groceries after work, opening the refrigerator, or unloading the dishwasher or even changing clothes. One just cannot expect boxers to concentrate on eating with all of these things going on without them. Our skin children are becoming quite concerning that we have gone off the deep end. Good thing they live in a different state and cannot see everything we do with our boxers!

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Almost ALL my boxers have been hand fed at some stage in their lives.
Usually during early puppy hood, but I have sat with sick boxers and new mothers trying everything and anything, in the hopes they might eat a little for me.

Boxers are generally not gluttons, that is scoff up their food in a flash, Ok so those of you who have a scoffer are now :LOL:
But really , most boxers eat quite daintily , considering the vast size of their mouths!!

They are the fussiest breed as to likes and dislikes and have you ever noticed how as they eat, if even one little bit falls out of their bowl , they stop and collect that piece, before continuing?


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This is too funny, that these boxers can have such similar characteristics. Duke won't finish his food unless I stir it up periodically so its easier for him to eat and yes, he also knocks pieces out and then eats the ones off the floor before continuing. He also gets distracted many times during the course of one meal, mostly because my cat sits on the table and stares at him.


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There was I..thinking I was the only one to do this :)

Thank you for setting my mind at rest.......I hear alot about dogs wolfing their food down in literally seconds....I've never had this....Monty eats slowly pushing the food to the back of his dish....I then come and scrape it back into the middle and off he goes again.
I wonder if it's because he's an only Boxer....and can afford to be fussy...he, competition.
Never the less....I know i'm a daft Boxer owner for doing this.


I always do that for Molly.
I mix other things such as cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce and canned food in her bowl, so its always kind of stuck tot he bottom. So I take the spoon and create a little mountain int he center so she can finish.
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