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In advance - I apolgise for the length of this (and it still won't say all I want to say).

Diva was helped to cross to the rainbow bridge by a very caring vet and vet nurse at home with me by her side in the winter sunshine on the deck on Thursday 26 July 2012. Diva seemed to know and her passing was peaceful.

In the past few years Diva has fought and won life threatening events – haemgiosarcoma and emergency surgery to remove her spleen in January 2009. Followed 12 months later by GDV (bloat) – again another emergency surgery and then in October 2011 she had a cardiac arrest – we were at vets at the time and they brought her back to life with CPR and intubation. As a younger dog she also had a couple of MCT’s removed. Around a month ago I noticed she wasn’t well and two weeks ago she went into acute renal failure http://www.boxerworld.com/forums/dog-health-issues-questions/163329-renal-failure.html

She seemed to be doing okay, but then things just went downhill really quickly and she went into multi organ failure. I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life and she crossed peacefully to the bridge.

For over 13 years she has been by my side – pretty much going everywhere with me, except for my work. I do realise how fortunate I am to have had her in m life for 13 years, unfortunately that doesn’t ease the grief.

I saw at 10 weeks of age and brought her home at 11 weeks of age – she was the runt of the litter. She was a handful from the get go – aptly named - she was Diva by name and a diva by nature. It was the cause of many a laugh among my friends with them often wondering who was going to win the battle of wills. Having said that she was a perfect example of the boxer breed – gentle, sweet, curious and loved people above all else. Diva over the years cost me a fortune in fencing and even the maximum height of six foot that I was allowed to build didn’t contain her. Fortunately she never went far from home and in fact once when I lived on a hill I saw her as I looked over the deck to the road below I saw walking along the road and going to visit her doggie mates at that time – she had busted out of my place and busted into theirs!

Also at that time we lived not far from a beach (a surf beach with good waves) and so she grew up on the beach and she became a brilliant swimmer – so much in fact that she used to draw an adoring crowd that would watch her body surf the waves back in to shore with tennis ball firmly held in her mouth. She would literally 'play the crowd' - she would go to each person individually for praise kidney beaning the entire time. She also enjoyed swimming at the river and swimming pools were pretty cool too, but the beach was her favourite place. Diva was absolutely fearless – sometimes to her detriment – and a supremely confident dog. She took everything in her stride and nothing really phased her. Having said that she was a cuddly girl and like nothing better than cuddling up with me – she slept on my bed for most of her life.

When Diva was 3 years old I brought Monty home – he was five months at the time. Their personalities were so different, but they got on like a house on fire. Diva being Diva made sure that whenever Monty ‘overstepped the mark’ that she let him know it.

Later in life she slowed down, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t mischief making still there. Up until a week ago she was still walking up the stairs in the house (they are steep and narrow) – the ceiling space is open with a mezzinine type space and this is where Diva and Monty would play solmetimes. This morning I went up there to clean up and she has certainly made herself at home – she liked to nest and would create a nest with blankets, clothes or whatever. I discovered upstairs that she has nested with the two seater couch – so much so that there is couch really left! And yet since she was 2 years old she did not destroy anything in the house. (And to think that I always thought it was Monty doing to the destroying).

Diva’s one big hate in life was cats – don’t know why, it just was. I am grateful to say that fortunately she never got near one to do any damage. On our walks she could however remember where every cat lived within a five kilometre radius of home.

For the past year she has become known as the matriach of the dog park – she would make a beeline for her most favourite people to get attention and ear snuggles.

I prepared myself as best I could for Diva’s passing (as much as anyone can prepare for death), but the hardest part is living without her. She has been such a huge part of my life for so long.

Diva fought to the end with grace, dignity, courage, pure determination and a spirit that defined her. Life will never quite be the same again. I will forever miss you my little sweetpea.

Diva, you weren’t the perfect dog, but you were the perfect dog for me.

Diva – 1 May 1999 to 26 July 2012.

Ka kite a ano to whanau

Diva Beach | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (Diva at the beach)

Diva pup | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (Diva as a pup)

Diva Tiro Tiro Rd | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (As a grand old lady)
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So sorry for your loss :( You are in my thoughts grouphugicon

Run free at the bridge, beautiful girl angelicon

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A very sweet tribute to your Diva. The photos show she was a looker, and your story tells us she was a charmer as well. I know the pain you are feeling and how heavy your heart is at this time. I am so very sorry for the loss of your special boxer girl.

Godspeed dear Diva.

Pam and Autry

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So sorry to hear about Diva. Know in your heart, you gave her a great life and a peaceful ending. She knew she was loved...

Run free Diva...lovicon


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When I saw the title all I could think was "No, not Diva." I had been following your post on renal failure and knew things weren't as good as they could be, but was hoping and praying for a miracle for her.

As sad as it is to lose one of our dogs too young, I think the older ones are even harder to lose. They have been in our lives for so long and have been ingrained into our routine it makes even harder to deal with.

My heart and prayers go out you. Diva, I hope the surf is up at the bridge for you! angelicon


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I am truly sorry for your loss of Diva,will keep you in our thouughts and prayers during this most difficult time.run forever free sweet Diva and Gospeed. btw I really loved the grand old lady pic,Thanx for sharing them.


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I'm so sorry for your pain, I've lost two great pets in my lifetime and it sucked both times. I like to think that both Dakoda and snowflake are waiting for me on the other side. ((((((hugs)))))
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