disneyworld has kennels?

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hubby has always wanted to go to disneyworld but we never even considered it because we always take our three babies with us.
someone recently told us that all the disney theme parks have kennels on site. i was shocked.
does anyone know anything about this????


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Sorry can't help you with Disneyworld, I do know that SeaWorld in San Diego has kennels though.


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So, with a quick check on Disney's web site I can actually confirm that they do have air-conditioned kennels at the following parcs:- Epcot, Hollywood studios, Animal Kingdom and The Magic Kingdom.


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Both Disneyworld and Disneyland have kennels. I used the kennel at Disneyland once. Markus just hated it. It was a cold day in California and he was cold. :( He was stressed out with all the dogs barking. I came back part way through the day to take him out to go to the bathroom. They had a quite nice, but small area where you could let him out. He was not interested, he just wanted to leave. He refused to do anything. I reluctantly left him back in the kennel, I ended up leaving the park early because I really couldn't enjoy myself when Markus was so unhappy. I wished that I had left him in our camper van. He would have been fine as it was a cool day.

If your dogs are used to being kenneled, it might be okay. I don't think they had big enough kennels for 3 dogs, but Disneyworld might be different. So they might have to be separated.

I think I would look for a doggy daycare in the area. It might be a better alternative.

Good luck!


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You may want to look into this resort. It is in Kissimmee which is close to Disney. I would be wary of the kennels, ever since I heard about dog owners that go back to the kennels to pick up their dogs and not find them their because someone has already picked them up. Scary!
Here is a link for V.I.Pet Resort
You may want to look into it.
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