Different Registered Name?

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Killian is Owlay's Braveheart (named after Mel Gibson a joke with my husband)
Darcy is DJ's Luck of the Irish (I am Irish and I was the one who wanted my Bridget to be pregnant)
Casey is Owlay's Show Biz of Salgray (Named by the breeder)


Boxer Insane
Here in the UK the breeder gives the pup a registered name.

So Billy is 'Glen of Friars Court' - Glen because the breeders were Scottish and and Friars Court was the name of their house.

Tommy is Primima Fire Scorcher. Primima is the breeder's prefix and then all the pups in that litter had 'fire' names.


Boxer Booster
My husband and I wanted Zeus to have a registered name with a bit of Louisiana flair. Being that it is Cajun country here we decided on Louisiana's Cajun Zeus. A very simple name, we thought.


Boxer Buddy
My baby's name is Emperor Cassius de Corona. We wanted to call him Cassius after the famous boxer Cassius Clay also know as Muhammud Ali, Cassius was also a roman emperor and Corona was the last name of the breeder we purchased him from.



Boxer Buddy
The breeder we got Two from designates a letter to each litter, and all the dogs names must start with that letter. We also had to include their name at the end. Two came from the H litter so his registered name is- H AND M'S SECOND VON BACHBETT. We had to shorten it from Heather and Mike's...
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