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I'm interested if anyone else has had our problem. My husband and I went away for one night,leaving Henry and Ellie with our sons(22,21 and 15). When we got home the boys said that there had been no messes and that the furbabies were very good Now for the good part...lol I get ready for bed that night and when I get under the blankets the bed is WET....SOMEONE PEED . I don't know which one did it so we had to blame both. Did they do this to get even for our leaving?? That is what I think needless to say my husband was livid. I told him they did it because they love us so much. I hope I'm right. Anyone else had this happen?



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Hi Teresa,

I've heard of similar behavior in cats, although it could also apply to dogs. Cats do this because they think the person who left is lost, so they pee to set the scent so that the lost person can find their way back. I think your furbabies just missed you guys and peed so you could find your way back....aint' that sweet?! :)

Hope this helps.

Christy Burden

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Oh my....

Needless to say I have had a bedwetter too. I really don't know how we broke it, but I think I might be able to save you some $$$ matress wise. Get a plastic cover for the underneath of the sheets! That is what we did. Then we started telling her "OFF THE BED NOW"!:) Well, she hated that so much she started to sleep under the bed for 2 months and now she is back on the bed without any accidents, :D but she hates to be alone in a room. Sometimes she has accidents on the floor just behind the door in the house if she accidentally gets locked in there which is always her banging into the door so hard it closes. Other than that she is great in the house. Good luck on the bed though! Might have to wash a lot of sheets, but at least you can save your matress!!!:)

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As much as it may seem dogs do not do things out of spite, they just don't think like that. What Diego said makes sense, I've never heard of this but can see it happening. I know there are a lot of reasons a dog will pee on beds, carpets, etc. One is to show dominance, maybe with you both gone one of them seen a chance to move up in the pecking order. lol...it is funny though.;)


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My Dayla went on a rampage one day (and it happened to be a day that my mom was supposed to pick her up, but couldnt because she didnt have the time)...not only did she pee all over the bed, but she took all the covers off and tore the sheets!

To this day I still believe that she knew my mom should have come and gotten them, but didnt, and she was MAD!!!


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My Sam (1995-1999)used to pee on the bed. She never had dominance issues, she was content to rank last in our house! Sam would do it in the mornings AFTER we took her out when we were getting ready for work. Diego's post seems most logical. So instead of howling we pee to keep the pack together! :)

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This is an interesting subject. All the more reason for me to get that book...How to Speak Dog. I like to know reasons for why dogs do what they do. Diegos explaination makes a lot of sense to me. But I also think dogs do things to let you know they acknowledge a change. I read a post on the board once where someone wasnt able to give her Boxer the usual attention he/she was used to getting (for whatever reason) so her dog would bring an unharmed shoe or some other unharmed forbidden object out to the middle of the living room floor to, in a sense, give her warning?

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they are mad you left ... :) Sidney has done this once. ONCE I repeat..... She isn't allowed upstairs anymore. She is such a brat sometimes. She is mad that my fiance's son was sleeping over. She is jealous of him....... So she peed on the bed in the spare bedroom, what a nut... Ya gotta love them :p


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I was told if you have a dog that tends to make a mess, tear something up(such as a box of kleenex--that is what mine frequently does) when you leave them it is out of panic. Dogs do not get angry at you but if they feel paniced they act as they would not normally. The person who wrote their dog pees on the bed when they get ready for work--maybe the dog senses he is going to be left and panics. I don't know but my boxer when left alone at times is destructive--nothing major like I said above a box of kleenex or a piece of paper torn. My boxer also urinated on the bed once when we were packing for vacation(something different going on and I believe he paniced.)
I was also told that when your dogs does something like this when you're not around it shows intellegence(weird huh) They say this because the dog realizes you left, I guess some dogs don't have the intellegence to realize that the family has even left.


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When I was in college we had a very well known animal behaviouralist come and give us a talk (I was taking Animal Care Technology). I asked him why dogs did this because my dog at the time did this and he told me that (in my case) it is done out of anxiety. I was doing dominance training with him at the time and after our training session he went to my bed and peed on it :mad:. The guy said that the session would have definately made Mac anxious and he also needed to pee but the need to feel safe (my bed was his safe haven) overcame the need to go outside - momentarily anyways and he just could not hold it. The guy said that this would go for dogs that chew shoes and other personal belongings of their owners. Mac would chew all my shoes when I went out but left the rest of the families alone - he would actually search mine out. He knew which were mine by smell and felt safe near them but he was also anxious :confused: about my leaving and would chew them. I used to have to hide my belongings from him. :LOL:.

The behaviouralist (I wish I could remember his name) said that people like to believe that animals think and feel the same way as humans. Someone used the word for this in another post. They do think but on a different level and in different ways than us, much of their "thinking" is really instinct. If they thought like us then they certainly wouldn't put up with alot of the stuff humans put them through.
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