Did anyone see...

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I´d love to but I can´t & I won´t even enquire about shipping overseas.

It really is beautiful and I can just imagine where I would put it. But no.


Boxer Insane
Gorgeous! That would look wonderful in our game room! ;) I'll print it and put it under DH's pillow! (I'm very subtle ;) )


Boxer Insane
I ordered this for the wife for Christmas, click on the boxer one of course. It looks just like my Toots.

That is really cute! If I was more of a purse person, I would order this.

I have so much boxer stuff I don't even know what all I have now. I know I have most of the Danbury plates and the Danbury clock and the 2007 Danbury boxer Christmas ornament. I have quite a few original and giclee prints for the wall space that I don't have ;)

I would also like to get a few of the other boxer Christmas things but I remember reading a thread on here where someone's boxer knocked over the table holding all these beautiful expensive decorations and I am afraid of the same thing happening. It seems as though things are a free for all around here lately. I am not even putting a tree up as I am too busy with school and have cat that I know would not stay out of it.


Boxer Insane
That would look awesome in my rec room nfortunately I have already got myself enough for Christmas I do however need a Birthday present in March


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Uh Oh....

We just bought new living room furniture and we have a naked end table.... I'm sure the DH would LOOOOVE if he came home to that one day. ;) And then I would have to hide the bank statement for that month because I'd be in so much trouble!!
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