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Poor Zach has been having a rough time lately and I don't know what to do for him. Here is some background:
We just moved here 3months ago from San Diego where he absolutely loved it. My friend picked him up everyday and he spent the day with her and her 2 dogs. And I know he misses them terribly. I hired a dog walker but that hasn't made him any happier.
About a month ago he had to have emergency eye surgery and a week after that it had to be repeated. The second surgery really took a toll on him and he was sick/lethargic for 3 days.
Last week he started vomitting - brought him to the vet and she thinks it was a sour stomach. They did blood work and everything came back normal (thank goodness). He was prescribed 2 pills for 5 days and a bland diet.
Well now the poor guy has diarrhea. And he is still on a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice.
I am getting an ulcer over this! He seems so sad and I don't know what else to do...My friend goes to a holistic vet and I'm thinking that might be my next step. Or going to adopt another dog??
Anybody out there go to a holistic vet?
What else can I do to cheer him up? HELP!!
WOW! You poor guy has really had some "life changes' in the lst few months. I dont know what to suggest for you, but wanted to let youknow I will be sendign prayers your way.


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Poor Zach! :( His stomach problems could certainly be caused by the stress of the move. Another dog certainly might help and he won't be so lonely. Have you thought about taking him to doggy day care? That might help too. Otherwise, just try an spend lots of quality time with him and make sure he gets lots and lots of exercise, especially before you go to work in the morning. That way he will be tired and will be more willing to sleep the day away. Try leaving things like stuffed kongs and buster balls. You could also hide treats around the house. Searching them out will give him something to do.

I hope he is feeling happier soon.
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