Deep grief for two swet boxers

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Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
I have tried posting a new thread twice now, but my messge keeps ending up in the wrong place. If this message goes awry again, could someone advise me on how to post it as a new thread? Thanks. Hopefully this one goes on the new postings place, or whatever it is called. Here is my message again:
This is my first time using this forum, or a forum of any kind on the net. I am not sure where this gets posted, but will trust it goes where it should. I was reading the message from "Wolf," but it seems it may have been posted a long time ago, so no doubt your story came to a sad end. I was so sympathetic to read about the "DM" in your boxer. Baylee also had it, and her story was much the same as yours. Today I am writing b/c I am in so much pain over the loss of my second Boxer, Buster, that I can barely stand it. First we had to put Baylee down at the end of Sept, 2003. She spent a year degenerating with DM, and her spirit stayed so bright, even after her legs failed her, that it was excrutiating to make that call to the vet. On the day the vet came, she still dragged herself to her bowl, ate her breakfast, and lay on the deck sunning herself. She looked at me with such innocence laying there with the intravenous in her leg, injection moments away. She just couldn't walk anymore, and I had to do it, but it still haunts me. Then Buster's turn. I have had these 2 dogs for 11 years, (9 for Baylee,) and they were the backbone of my life. They were the ones there for me when I went through my divorce 8 years ago, and it feels like they were a part of my very soul. Especially Buster, who is my "forever" dog. He was my "man," the big strong male, (an unusually huge boxer, purebred, 92 lbs in his prime, even still 85 lbs at his death.) I was Baylee's protector, Buster was mine. He was the guardian of my heart and I feel so lost without him. I don't want to accept he is never coming home. He had a very bad ticker for 2 years, kept under control with meds, and in the end, his heart didn't even kill him. Monday a.m. he starting being distressed, uncomfortable, and having trouble breathing. We took him to the vet, (which I am so sad about because Baylee died at home and I so wanted that for him too...) But when we got there the vet said he had internal bleeding and was in bad shape and then he just started dieing and having a rough time of it so we had to hurry with the needle and then he was gone. I am shocked at the intensity of my missing him, and can't imagine my life without him. Now that they are both gone a chapter of my life is over and the house is so quiet...
How does one get over such a thing? He felt like a person to me, he was such an unusual looking boxer I don't feel I could ever replace him.
What a rambling message, first one I ever posted and I guess I needed to get it out. Thank you to those who have had the patience to read this story, and thank you for your thoughts.
wow thats a really sad thing to have to go through. you are most definately in my thoughts and prayers. just remember that your babies are in a better place and no more suffering. i read in a forum earlier that by putting your baby to sleep you're actually doing them a favor and showing them how much you actually love them by not wanting them to hurt anymore. that's the only way i got through it when my first baby went to the bridge. time will heal all your are in my prayers.
*mark, haley & asia*

Debbie Magon

Boxer Pal
I too lost a boxer very suddenly to internal bleeding.
The most common cause being a very terrible cancer called hemangiosarcoma, which is what cruelly took my young boy.
I am very sorry for what you are now going through.

Give yourself time to grieve and time to heal.
Of course there will never be another boxer like Buster but never doubt there will be another boxer out there for you to love and love you right back.

While no other boxer can ever replace another I truely believe the way to mend a broken heart is to have another boxer to love and care for.

Boxer loves are the best medicine in the world. :)

Godspeed Buster. angelicon


Boxer Insane
I'm so sorry for what your going through. I agree with Debbie, you have so much love to share, another boxer, a rescue maybe could surely use this love. May you find comfort in knowing we all share your sorrow.


Joan I.

Boxer Buddy
Thank you very much for kindness and caring thoughts. It has now been one week since I lost Buster, and I think I am going to live. This was the 1st morning I did not spend half the morning crying. I do find comfort in knowing there are those out there who know what I am going through. My thoughts are gently starting to think of the possibility of another dog. So many have told me that it really is the best medicine for a broken heart, that it must be truth. I honestly thought I was going to need a long time break after caring for 2 boxers with health problems for over 2 years. Baylee needed a lot of helping and Buster fainted a lot and scared us so many times that it was all very emotionally stressful. And then both of them leaving me within 3 1/2 months, I feel very down. But now I am starting to see that I am just too much of a dog lover to live without one for too long.
Thanks again for your kindness...You have made a difference in my grief...


Boxer Insane
We lost our two elderly dogs during the summer of 2002, both within 2 months of each other. They were both ailing for a long time, my 14 year old chihuahua with congestive heart failure (I can sympathize with the panic that comes with fainting spells!) and our 12 year old shepherd with degenerative myelopathy.

Our Boston Terrier was moping around the house just as much as me and my husband... we realized that we don't function very well as a single-dog household. :( So, a few months later, Buster the bouncing baby boxer entered our lives. And what a joy he was (and is)! After devoting our time, energy and love to caring for our geriatric doggies, his exuberance and puppy antics were the perfect medicine for our broken hearts. :)

I would encourage you to look for another dog to add to your family. The sad reality is that no dog lives long enough, and our lives will be filled with a succession of furkids to love and care for. Each and every day with every one of them is special, and I know that our furkids at the Bridge would be pleased to see us being taken care of by a successor - we need them just as much as they need us.

I pray your heart heals quickly, and you eventually find the strength to let another dog into snuggle his or her way into it.
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