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The other day I was at work at the hospital coding an Emergency Department chart on an elderly woman who took a fall. Part of her physical exam included a 'neuro check' to evaluate for mental status and orientation.

The doctor asked her what her name was and she responded appropriately. He asked her what day it was and she gave the correct answer. He asked her if she new where she was and, again, she gave the right answer. She wasn't sure of the date but that can be a hard one for anyone. Finally, he asked her who the president was and she looked at him and said "I bet nobody in this hospital knows the answer to that one!"

The doctor determined that she probably didn't suffer a serious head injury. :D

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That's really funny!!!

My dad spent a month on a respirator this spring, under heavy sedation. When he finally came off the ventilator and was able to speak to us, he was on another planet!! We were assured it was temporary, so we were able to laugh at all the things he said. When he was asked if he knew who was president, he smiled smugly and said, "Of course I do! It's Richard M. Nixon!"

Then he told us he REALLY had to get off this ship. There was an injured passenger, and besides, they were charging THREE DOLLARS for tuna fish sandwiches! It was hysterical. He was so serious!!!

I thought it was sweet that no matter how confused he got, he always knew how many years he and my mom had been married. "46 years, but we're still newlyweds." (sniff, sniff)

I'm happy to say that after pneumonia, two heart attacks (one "code blue") and a ruptured abdominal aneurism, my dad is back to good health. Now he just has to suffer through all our stories of his comic recovery! ;)

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