Day one of Raw

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Well we took the plunge today and started feeding raw appicon Because I have fed them raw treats before on towels spread on the floor, as soon as I put the towels down they were on them laying down waiting and whinning to get me to hurry up. They were so excited. Nala and Reo don't know what to do getting two raw treats today :D. They keep waiting for their kibble but it never I know its a habit that will go away but it is funny.

so a few quick questions.

Nala pee'd alot today. Is that normal? It seemed like every two hours she was wanting out and as soon as she got out she squated. This is not normal for her.

Also is it normal in the beginning for their poo to smell really really bad?

And one last question. I have some boiled chicken breast (no bone) is it ok to add this with the raw until it is all gone or should I just toss it?


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Yay! Welcome ;)...

I don't know that I noticed the things that you are noticing on the first day, but I only fed raw once the first day. Yes, there's a lot more water content going into the dogs without the dehydrating effects of kibble, so you may see more urine output for a while if they have been drinking water like they are eating kibble. What I really find is that they tend to stop drinking as much water and the peeing evens out.

I would say no to the poo question, I find that the smell got better, but it depends on what you're feeding as to how it smells, and it can have more odor to it if they have less bone and more meat - not sure exactly why - maybe because this is processing more protein? You should see stool size decrease significantly and get much firmer! Enjoy this :)

I don't see a problem to letting them eat the boiled chicken. I would have a different opinion if you were going to feed kibble with the raw as it digests at a different rate, but I'm guessing that cooked meat is no problem!


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Agreed with Prittiegirl.

Many times when dogs are transitioned to raw, things look like they are worse before they get better. Their body has to adjust to digesting raw, it's not the same as digesting kibble and for some dogs it's a harder transition, especially if they've been on kibble a long time. That may be why their poop is a little wonky right now. But you should notice improvements over the next week or two. :)


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Day two down

Thank you for the help. I feel like I am doing something wrong by feeding them Raw :(. I know its in my head and I will get over it and that this is the very best for them. I know they are completely enjoying this new way of eating.

last night reo threw up bone but other then that was fine. When he poo'd today it was part hard part mucousy (sp) but didn't smell at all.

Nala didn't pee as much and her poo was hard and no smell.

I gave them both more meat tonight to help with the hard poo.

Reo seems really relaxed. Not so energizer bunny hyper :) My DH even noticed and is loving it. I am very excited to see how well they do on Raw as apposed to kibble.


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Transitioning is way harder on us then it is on them! Throwing up some bone, weird/hard/runny poop for awhile, smelly gas... it's all normal for transitioning. Mucous in the poop just means his intestines are protecting themselves from any sharp undigested bone bits. Don't freak out if you even see bone bits in their poop as well, until their systems 'learn' how to digest properly again.

It's so great to see raw fed dogs enjoying their meals! Not that kibble dogs don't enjoy their food too but dogs are so so much more gleeful when they get to eat what they are made to eat, I think. :)


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Day three

They are definetly loving it more then the kibble. It is amazing.

Today was a rough day. They did not get to eat until 2 this afternoon. I ended up in the hospital early early this morning and DH went straight to work after taking me :( DH fed them as soon as he got home. He said he actually enjoyed the experience himself. This is the first time he has seen them eat raw because of his schedule. He did come home to an accident which we expected but what he didn't expect is that Nala who had the accident covered it up and he only found it cause Reo showed him were it was :LOL: She was loved on and shown it was ok but she is still acting a little guilty :) I am home now and all is good and they are doing wonderfully, other then your normal bone to meat ratio issues :)
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