Darby how will I go on without you....

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Wow im so sorry. Unfortunately accidents do happen. You can predict what will happen and you cant stop it. Please dont blame yourself :( Keep hugging Dillon, he'll always be there for you.


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There is nothing worse than the sudden passing of a beloved pet. I know few if any wordscan bring you any comfort right now, but do yourself a massive favor: don't blame yourself so much. you can not have any regrets in this life, especially when it comes to your boxers. Elsewhere in this forum there was a thread about someone coming across a stray in a terrible state. You seem to be a loving and caring boxer/ dog owner. Do not compare yourself if even for a moment with the owner of that stray.

Accidents happen.
We are so very sorry for your loss and wish you strength and wisdom in this difficult time.

Paws, Biggles, Jane & David


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I'm sorry for your loss :( You did all you could, don't blame yourself...Accidents happen and we will never understand why. My prayers are with you all Godspeed sweet little Darby Rose angelicon Have fun chasing the others at the bridge and all those beautiful butterflies


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Thoughts and hugs

Please, please do not feel guilty. Sometimes no matter what we do, accidents happen. She was loved so much, you can tell from your post. I know no words right now can make you feel better but know that we are all here thinking and praying for you.

Julie P.

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I wish with each tear I am crying right now could bring her back to you. I am so very, very sorry. My heart has just ripped into pieces for you and the pain you must be feeling for the loss of such a beautiful baby. Just as others have written...no matter what we do sometimes, accidents happen. I protected my girl Magic all the years she and I shared together. However, her death caught me off guard and I was not able to save her; it hurts so much. Please know, that my thoughts are with you. Goodbye sweet Darby, goodbye.


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I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your baby Darby.
I wish there was something I could say or do to help ease the pain and heart ache that I know you feel, just know that you were a great mom in trying to protect her to the best of your ability and that sometimes tragic things will happen even when we try to protect them, please dont be too hard on yourself.
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