Dallas apartments include boxers on breed restriction lists

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I moved back to Dallas last month and was surprised at the number of apartments who list Boxers on their breed restriction list. Add that factor to the 25lb & under restriction and I was amazed that I was able to find a place near my new job that wasn't going to charge an arm and a leg for Boomer's pet deposit. I quickly realized that it wasn't worth trying to educate the property managers, as they didn't have any authority to bend the rules.

The place I found charged me a $300 deposit and agreed to fence in the rest of the backyard (only about 150 sq ft), but at least he'll have a small yard. Of course, it helps that this place is older (30 yrs), but is kept in good shape.

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Well that sucks. At least you were able to find one that works for you though. I am an apartment leaser here and 90% of places here only allow small dogs. Normally deposit here is $500 plus a $300 pet deposit! I am so happy we bought our house and dont have to worry about that. It is super nice of them to fence off the rest of the yard though.

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Did they list a reason why boxers were not accepted and what were the other breeds listed? I'm gald you found somewhere else. It's hard to find a place when you have dogs. I can't wait to buy a house and not worry about it anymore!!

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Like most of you know the general public see the look of the boxer and the first thing they do is think MEAN. Everything from the lean muscle and square head we find adorable and cute most people see perfect biting machine. Unfortunatly these BANNED list go by look and history. You have to understand that most people would not want to live next to something that makes them nervous. Given a chance most of our babies would drown them in drool. You have to understand the boxer ignorant folk's side.


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I know how hard it is to find an apartment that allows boxers. You are actually lucky that you found a place at all. I am glad to hear that you can keep Boomer without paying a fortune.


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We had the same prob here in Phoenix and finally found a place that would take our two big babies...... Unfortunately, the apartments we are in are converting to condos so once our lease is up, we get the boot. On a good note, my husband and I decided to build a new home which is supposed to be finished as soon as the lease is up.


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It's been a few years since I had to rent, but when I did..... man, it was TUFF to find a place that took "large" dogs, let alone two of them.

We had to rent an apartment in San Antonio for about 6 months (in 1997) and they said they had a 45 lb. weight restriction, but they didn't mention any breed restrictions. Long story short, both of the dogs were well over that 45 lb limit... but we BEGGED and BEGGED and they finally let us rent. I think it helped that my husband (now ex) was Air Force, and we wouldn't be staying long.

Finding an apartment is very hard with any dog... I feel for those that have to go through it!


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We had a similar problem here in North VA. We ran into several places that had boxers on their restricted list... we would immediatley hand the information back to the manager, and they would be like, Don't you want more information on our place?? Umm.. NO!!! I am not living anywhere without my babies! Anyway, we are getting ready to move again, so hopefully, we wont run into the problem again!


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Not trying to be controversial, but GigemSly, I kinda agree... the smaller ones are usually the ones that have a tendency to bite (out of thinking they are defending themselves) and just be yappy and annoying. Granted, they do poop smaller and shed less, but they can be just as destructive and inflict a wound just like a "large" dog.

I don't mean to offend anyone who has a small dog.
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