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I have noticed a LARGE number of cuts and scabs on my Xena's throat and jowls (she and the foster boy have been doing a lot of wrestling lately and he hasn't quite learned how to soft bite) - should I be attending to them in any way? I thought about cleaning them with some antiseptic or peroxide or something but wasn't sure if that was appropriate.

Is it quite normal to see "battle wounds" when you have two? I've never seen this before. I am trying to limit their biting when wrestling but she doesn't complain so I can't tell when he's hurting her. Then later when I scratch her chin, I find a bunch of wounds and begin to worry she will have her throat torn out!!


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Sorry, don't know about the cleaning part.
Just wanted to say my two have never left marks on eachother. And they play fight all the time.


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Awwww Poor Xena!! Boz sends her boxer kisses!!
Other than biting Xena, how's Mitch doing? No word yet on a home for him?
Please keep us posted :D


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My two would get cuts and scrapes on their legs, neck, ears, etc... I had taken them both to the vet to be checked out, and he suggested Betadine solution. It is for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Works great, but it does sting a little. I tried it on one of my cuts first. :)


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Nope no home for Mitch yet. There was supposed to be a lady coming to see him last Thursday but they called and she chose another dog instead. So he's hanging out here a little longer. Boy we're having a hard time not asking to keep him. We almost decided we would but then realized we couldn't have a puppy again for a long time if we did.

He's really a great boy and will make someone very happy. He has learned how to sit and lay down (most of the time) and he is really thriving on our food. I have no idea what he was eating before, but his coat was dull and rough and now it's glossy and silky. It will be incredibly hard to see him go, so I'm just trying to enjoy him as much as I can until it's time.

Xena doesn't seem to have any new cuts, just big old scabs from last week that are healing. I think I'll leave them alone for now.


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cleaning scabs and cuts

Hi. I have 2 boxers, Rox(1 1/2 male) and Nellie(7 month female) and Nellie is always kicking Rox's butt. We took him to the vet the other day just for his shots and asked the vet about the cuts and scabs, mainly on his upper nose. The vet said we could wash it with peroxide or just put some neosporine on it. We actually have never put anything on them. I figure unless it looks deep or like it is gonna get infected I wouldn't be too concerned. Hope this helps you.

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Max often plays with Allie, his best buddy. He's alot nicer to her than she is to him. But if she gets too rough, he yelps or cries and she lets go. But he still occasionally gets some booboos from her. Of course, she never has a mark on her, as he only "corncobs" her neck.


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Bella and Bowzer both have little scabbies on their faces and necks. Bella's are more noticeable since she is white. We haven't done anything for them since they seem to be healing fine. After reading the neosporin post, I think I might try that.


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Still going at it...

Sorry to revive this oldish thread! Things seemed to be improving but I looked Xena over again well yesterday and she has a ton of new booboos. Including one on her eyelid! I can deal with little pokes and scrapes but I'm not comfortable with cuts there - too dangerous! (I think she's learning to retaliate though, Mitch has an owie on his *ahem* boy parts.)

Those of you who replied that their dogs do it too, is there any way that you limit their playfighting? How do you decide when enough is enough?

I believe I will break out the peroxide (not for the eye of course!) but I really don't want this happening anymore! Any suggestions?
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