Cutest Henri pictures ever taken...

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Boxer Insane
I enjoy so much looking at your beautiful Henri. Even his name has such a distinguished air to it. He is a beautiful boy and the photography is exquisite. Thanks for sharing.


Boxer Insane
OMG Is there anything as cute as a boxer puppy? Henry is a total doll. Definately a 10 on the AHHHHHHHHHH factor.


Boxer Booster
He is so beautiful..He just melts your heart..By the way, you are incredible with that camera...


Boxer Buddy
Wow, he is gorgeous and so shiny! The first thing I thought was that he looks like he's on one of those expensive glossy magazine covers. :)


Completely Boxer Crazy
Fabulous pics. Of course it helps that the model is so good looking. I am looking into getting a new lens for my camera - would you mind sharing what lens you used & if you used any filter.


Boxer Pal
Wow, he is definitely gorgeous! Love the pics and love the lens you have for those pics. I wish I had a nice macro lens...
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