Cropped Tail too short??

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Ive seen pics of everybodys boxers and everybodys tail is cropped way longer than my bucks. i dont even think my dogs is 2 inches long...its not even a tail its a nub lol. what do u guys think???



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Around here we call that the "Amish Crop". LOL Yes, it's a botched nubbin', cut too short. Did your pup happen to come from a mill or BYB? That's usually a good indicator that the breeder (or bad vet) didn't properly crop the length. By the looks of the pup's face and elongated nose......I would assume he came from poor breeding. Usually it's the nose that can give it away. My girl came from an Amish Miller, but had no idea back then what a miller or inscroupulous breeder was. My mistake I am paying for today, along with Lily and her health issues. Nonetheless, they still wiggle that nub just the same. Very pretty pup by the way. Great face!
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Yeah it's a little short. But the butt will still wiggle just as much!

My friends dog had a normal boxer cut at birth, but had issues/infection with it and had to have a second cut made so it is a bone shorter than usual. No big deal.

And I don't know if you have ever been stabbed by the nub, but it hurts! Maybe you will have less of a chance of being stabbed since it is shorter!
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